Monday, June 30, 2008

Heidi Diaz, Don't You Get It Yet?

Heidi, you have been given so many, many opportunities to DO THE RIGHT THING. Why will you not step up to the plate and simply DO IT. I'm sure now the excuse will be the lawsuit - you have proven over and over again that YOUR skin is more valuable than anyone else's.

Wait. Where have I heard that before? Just recently, too ...

Regardless, this has been posted recently on your site and has been posted elsewhere on the Internet:

2 Weeks, 2 Days ago:

Ok Ladies
I am having a hard time getting back on track.. I am having a hard time accepting compliments... I love to hear them but my brain is working overload on me.. I was in the 190's several weeks ago and now I am back up to 210.. I need to get back on track.. I so want to lose the weight.. but my brain is telling me something different... I am going to try today to get back on track...
XXXX- Sometimes it takes me awhile to get back into Ketios too.. You will get there... Hang in there..

XXXXX- Sorry what kind of surgery are you having? My mind is in a fog right

Saw my heart doctor on Wed and had dizzy spell in his office.. He said I was skipping heart beats.. Did a ekg and my heart is fine... I still have no engery, fatiqued etc... He said he will keep on and keep looking as to why I am having some of these problems.. Other stuff is going on with my body.. I said I have had some of these problems for years and doctors would just do so much and then quit looking as to why I have these problems.. He said he wasnt quiting and will find out why.. He thinks its my thyroid or my adrenal glands are not working right.. I have alot of the sypotoms of them.. My sister had her thyroid taken out this past wed.. She is doing good..

I am back on plan today...and need to stay on plan no matter what.. I am back up to 220... I need to get that willpower back that I had when I started Kimkins almost a year ago next month...

This woman has apparently lost a significant amount of weight already following Kimkins. There have been many, many people who have left YOUR site, Heidi Diaz, with the same exact set of symptoms. Whether this woman has had these issues in the past or not is irrelevant. We all know that YOUR diet at the least exasperates these symptoms.

Dear sweet dieter, if you are reading here, please, please tell your doctor exactly what you ate and HOW MUCH you ate to lose your weight. You are in very serious danger here, and the person you are trusting to lead your through your diet journey could CARE LESS. Certainly not enough to advise you to stop immediately.

Others in the ex-KK community who have experienced similar symptoms, I pray that you will chime in here as well as find a way to reach out to this person.