Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can a Leopard Change Spots?

Apparently not, at least if that leopard's name happens to be Heidi K. Diaz.

I find myself in possession of a full copy of her bankruptcy filing from yesterday. It is very enlightening. I have only a few moments at this minute to get this up, but for now I will give you a glimpse into what I see ...

1. Cottle is NOT listed as a creditor, so she has paid him in full.

2. Heidi, Heidi, Heidi ... when you were sending off that tax check to the IRS just before the lawsuit was filed, why, why, why did you ignore the State of California? Didn't you realize that they were gonna want a whole big giant chunk of money from you?

3. The drop in the housing market must have hit her pretty hard. Or so she thinks. She estimates her house to be worth $200,000. Didn't she pay something like $400,000 for it? Oh, and there's that little tax thing again. It would be awful for that place to be sold at a tax sale ...

4. Her divorce lawyer (who isn't known in any bankruptcy lawyer circles in CA apparently) who subspecializes in bankruptcy DID get a pretty good sized retainer. And is pretty pricey to boot. Of course, $5,000 is a drop in the bucket for a successful business owner such as herself.

I've check with my own legal counsel on this - ALL of this information is public record now that it has been filed. Gosh, Heidi - do you really think it was wise to LIE on a document we all were gonna see and have enough documentation to put you away?

Or, I bet you didn't bother to read the fine print at the bottom - right by where you signed you name. You signed a statement that says, "I declare under penalty of perjury that the information provided in this statement is true and correct." You remember that part?

Well, how about the part that says, "Penalty for making a false statement: Fine up to $500,000 or imprisonment for up to 5 years or both. 18 U.S.C. Sections 152 and 3571."

Bless your heart. Have you forgotten that you have now moved yourself up into FEDERAL court?

Later tonight I will detail some of those lies ...

Out of the hat comes ...

There is lots of new Heidi news ... like, NEWS FLASH news. I really thought I needed a song or a strong photo to set the stage for this, so I went hunting. Before I get to the really big news ... serious stuff, folks! ... I want to share what I found. Not exactly what I was looking for, but it does sort of remind me of the last year I've spent on this thing. From the looks of things, I'm not done yet, either. Be sure to see below for the Heidi news ...

Ok. On with the news.

By now, most of you have heard that Heidi made a really underhanded move yesterday. TWO DAYS before the hearing for the class certification of our lawsuit, Heidi filed for bankruptcy. What's the big deal you may ask? Well, it puts the breaks on everything real fast. All court proceedings against her are halted. Dead in the water? Hardly. Though I'm quite certain Heidi thinks so. Stalled? Most definitely. Of course, as Deedlyn pointed out at LCF ... fraudulent filings of bankruptcies to avoid other lawful court action is not taken lightly. Heidi may very well have put herself in that orange jumpsuit we have been waiting for her to model for us.

Oh, but there's more.

A new diet website has popped up on the scene. Simple Choices Diet. It is a diet that appears to work on exchanges, rather like the diet the American Diabetes Association publishes. Each recipe on her site breaks out the nutritional data in exchanges (so many starches, so many fats, so many fruits, and so many proteins). Here is how she is positioning it: "Simple Choices is a fresh alternative to dieting and permanent weight loss. The focus is on fast weight loss using real food with no carb or calorie counting. Members receive flexible portions, expert help, delicious recipes and community forum support. Dieters will be treated to an easy to follow way to lose weight fast." Oh, yes. All of those tags that we have come to know and love are all there still: lose weight fast,fast weight loose,low carb diet,low fat diet,low glycemic diet,gastric surgery diet,lose stomach fat,lose weight after baby,online diet,cheap diet,easy diet,loose belly fat,lose 100 pounds,lose belly fat,quick weight loss. There is an extensive Google store that makes it very clear that she is turning her back on the diet plan that made her millions, in a deluded attempt to go more mainstream.

So, how do I KNOW this is Heidi Diaz at work, and not just some soul who is trying to make a buck - sort of like the Magic Chicken Diet? Heidi, you may want to listen up to this ... I hold in my hand absolute proof this is you. You think you are so smart, but you really aren't. I have a piece of paper - one from a very legitimate financial organization.

Heidi is quickly going to face problems on several fronts. First and foremost she is going to have to convince a judge that she is broke and can't pay her bills. Of course, she will have to explain to that judge why she just realized that two days before our hearing. And days before her court date with the City of Corona. She will also have to explain how she is so broke that she set up this website, has started paying for Google Ads for that site, and is still spending thousands of dollars a month on advertising for Kimkins.

Of course, she is also going to have to deal with that pesky little matter of trademark violation. The company who owns the trademark on your name, Heidi, was VERY interested in all the little details. That piece of paper I have will make sure that you can't claim it isn't you. Every photograph, every paragraph, every article you put up on that site are being scrutinized, too. You have such a propensity to lift things that aren't yours and use them for your own financial gain. did I say that company? I meant the general counsel of that company.

Hopefully this one won't take a year ...