Monday, August 24, 2009

Justice Delayed, Not Justice Denied

Contrary to what Heidi Diaz would have her loyal followers believe, the Judge in this case did NOT deny the Motion for Summary Judgment. Rather, he delayed hearing any of the argument until he is satisfied that the class members have an opportunity to removed themselves from the lawsuit - or what they call "opt-out".

He absolutely did NOT deny the Motion. He did NOT determine that there was no monetary loss, nor did he determine that there are no grounds to proceed.

Heidi lied, once again. Imagine that.

Here is the latest from our reporter on the ground, Gran to Angels:

Hi everyone!

Well….either Heidi is lying again or her lawyer is lying to her…you decide!

Posted by Heidi at Kimkins…..

“Ladies, for those of your following the ridiculous class action lawsuit, there was a hearing this morning where the opposing attorney, John Tiedt, had filed a motion for Summary Judgment. It was DENIED. The judge stated the SJ motion was premature, that the class hadn’t been defined nor damages proven.

The 2 year old saga continues…”

Well Heidi…you were not there….I was so looking forward to seeing you again but did not show up….I was there! The Summary Judgment was not “DENIED”….nope….another lie but you are good at them aren’t you? The Judge did say that the Summary Judgment was premature but what the Judge wants done is already in the works….premature simply means John is breathing down your neck! The class action against you is indeed certified and we don’t have to prove damages…this is not about damages it’s about fraud!

Yes the 2 year old saga continues….enjoy your freedom while you can!

Yes, Heidi - enjoy your moment. It will be as a blink of the eye in the big scheme of things.

John's interveiw as he exited the courtroom can be found here.