Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Keeping Your Eyes Fixed on the Prize

I received an anonymous comment on my blog that expressed a desire to send a message to all of us who are choosing to align ourselves against the evil that is personified in the person known as Heidi Diaz, and the crimes she has chosen to perpetrate against others.

This day is an important one for Heidi, in so much as a court of law this day is scheduled to determine whether or not her assets will remain frozen until the outcome of the class action lawsuit, to which she is a party, has been established.

Heidi Diaz has built for herself a house of cards, which will eventually come tumbling down around her. It is through the efforts of many that Heidi Diaz has been exposed as a fraud. I am amazed that there are those who would choose to ignore all of the facts that support that charge and grasp on to Ms. Diaz as if she was their last hope in this battle of weight that is being waged within the skin of their own bodies. People willing to risk their health by following her dangerous eating plan, willing to risk the health of their family’s financial future by entrusting her with their financial information (in the form of checks and credit card numbers), willing to risk their own emotional futures by allowing her to bend and warp their thought processes in order to satisfy her own sick, insatiable desire to elevate her own esteem by destroying the self esteem of others. I will be spending some time in the near future exploring the question of why people would choose Heidi Diaz over their own well being.

But for today, back to the message I received.

I have been asked to pass on the heart felt message that the Ducks are doing a good work. To not lose hope. To not let differing opinions or perspectives of the minor side issues disrupt the unity of the bigger cause. That airing those differences is healthy and often necessary, but rejoining forces is also necessary. I was also directed to this inspirational eulogy, delivered at the funeral of Bobby Kennedy, by his brother, Ted. I rarely agree with Ted Kennedy, but in this case I find much common ground. It goes right to the heart of Prudentia – one man does make a difference. I hope you find this as inspiring as I have. And thank you poster, for this.

As for those with whom I fight this battle, despite any differences, I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with each and every one of you, making not only a ripple, but a tidal wave that will soon overtake the likes of Heidi Diaz and others like her who would set their sites on the vulnerabilities of our fellow man. May we not grow weary.