Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hey Heidi - I Have A Question

I'm just wondering - in case I'm one of the 100 - who is it I'm supposed to be working for, cause, well, since they haven't paid me, they owe me some money. Maybe I could sue them for back pay. ;)

You remind me of the Big Bad Wolf in the story, The Three Little Pigs. You huff and you puff. Just remember who wins in the end ... and it isn't the Big Bad Wolf.

You are still a fraud. You still mislead people. You still fraudulently promote your website. You still have no medical credentials. You still advocate an unhealthy way of dieting. In short - you are still a lying liar who lies. The fact that you state in your counter suit that you have addressed and remedied these issues is proof that you are still lying.

Heidi, if you haven't figured it out, we're not scared. The truth is on our side. We haven't lied to anyone or about anyone. YOU made you famous - or should I say infamous. YOU brought your enterprise to the brink of collapse. Will I continue to do my part to help it take that last little step? You bet I will. When I see an ad from you that states clearly that you are a morbidly obese woman handing out diet advice, THEN I'll agree you have stopped advertising falsely. As of this moment there are only two ways someone can know that. One, by ponying up the bucks and joining your site. Or, secondly, by reading the blogs. I pray they do the latter as the former simply parts them with their money and lines your pockets.

Want to hear a funny? While I was talking to my good friend AmyB about your little lawsuit, her first response was that it was time to post the rest of the pictures! You remember those, don't you, Heidi? The ones that were taken in a public place - sort of like you are some sort of celebrity. Hey - now you and Beyonce REALLY have something in common, eh?