Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Was I Duped?

I don’t think so. In my mind, anyway, being duped would involve being fed a pack of lies. There certainly was some fiction woven throughout everything I was told, but I expected that. Facts were being checked and verified. The deceptions that were shared with me involved accomplishments of the story teller – sort of like a puffed up resume. But the information that was shared about another was accurate. That has been confirmed.

Behind every screen name there is a family out there – generally children or parents or siblings, even spouses - who are in no way connected with, nor responsible for the rantings and ramblings of the person holding the screen name. I know I have children. I blog behind a fictitious name because I want to shield my children from the ugliness of Heidi Diaz and her scamming ways. Many of you do, as well. Because of those innocents behind the name Martina’s Martini I will not reveal his identity, though he, himself, sprinkled plenty of clues out there on the forums and blogs. I do have plenty else to say, though.

Martina’s Martini is a real person. I am 100% confident that person is NOT Heidi Diaz. How can I be sure? Because I have 100% confidence in the person who confirmed that information for me. There IS, however, a very definite connection – one that I seriously doubt Martina’s Martini ever dreamed would come to light.

The information that MM desperately wanted to share with John Teidt concerned one of the principals of the lawsuit. Namely that Heidi and others representing her had been contacting the estranged family members of one of the lawsuit principals, seeking personal information. According to MM, they used a variety of tactics, including deception – saying the person has won a cruise – in an effort to gather what they perceived to be dirt. MM thought that John T. would want to know that information. So, that is what was passed. The remaining parts of the conversations I had with MM revolved around MM himself, some of his past hurts, and some pending situations that have nothing to do with the affairs of Heidi Diaz. Because those conversations involved people – real people – who have nothing to do with any of this, I will not share that content with you all. Please believe me, all information has been made available to John Teidt to consider as he sees fit. I did what I agreed to do.

Interestingly enough, MM never asked for any information from me. That is why I am confident that MM’s intention was not to try to “get” any information for Heidi. That is part of what made it difficult for me to reconcile the person I was talking with to the person I was being told about.

That said there is another side to all of this. While MM was carrying on this conversation with me, MM was also carrying on a conversation with Heidi Diaz. That is an undisputable fact. There is proof, and that proof is in the hands of the people it needs to be in. Heidi didn’t hesitate one millisecond to betray her buddy. She sold him out in a flash. MM believed by sharing personal information about one of the principals that he would help Heidi. He penned the phrase “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” And Heidi, being the dog that she is, gleefully lapped it right up. Funny thing is, none of this information has anything to do with the lawsuit. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Won’t help her a bit.

It does, however, show just how far Heidi Diaz is willing to go to try to gather dirt on those involved with the lawsuit. Principals, if you are listening, know what she is up to. She is trying to dig up dirt. Heidi can feel millions of dollars slipping through her hands, and she will resort to whatever she can think of to hold on to it.

And the Ducks will be right there … ready to expose her dirty schemes.

As for MM – it is so very sad that this is the legacy your chose to leave. I told you, tell your story so years later others can read it and judge you for themselves. I never in a million years dreamed that this would be a chapter you would even consider writing. In that way, yes, I was fooled. I allowed my heart to reach out to someone who was hurting, in an effort to offer comfort and hope. They decided, though, to shoot themselves in the foot.

One other thing I want to address is why would MM present him self in such an abrasive and irrational fashion? I can only speculate, but I believe MM wanted major attention. I think this whole thing revolves around MM wanting to feel significant. I can only pray that one day MM will discover that significance comes from who we are in Christ – not from the accolades of others. MM, your 15 minutes of fame has passed. Likely you have been left with a very hollow feeling inside. That is what happens when you sell your soul, as you did when you allied yourself with Heidi Diaz. You walked through that door with your eyes wide open, intent on hurting another. Instead it is only yourself that you have damaged. Hopefully, you have learned that when you lash out in your own hurt, all you ultimately accomplish is heaping more hurt on your own head.

I will admit – this whole ordeal set me back a bit. A very sweet soul made a comment to me last night that really made me sit back and think. She observed that I didn’t seem to trust her very much. And the fact is, I didn’t. Encounters like this leave you a little bit jaded. A little bit more cautious. That seems to be the legacy of Heidi Diaz, as well. There are many, many people that are now walking around, keeping others at arms length, leery of trusting. Sadly, there are many more, still under the influence of her manipulative ways. All of these folks, whether they are out in the light, free from Heidi’s direct influence, or they are still there in the Kimpound, need our love, our patience, our understanding and our prayers. Those still inside can not, for whatever reason, allow themselves to accept the truth – for to do that exposes a vulnerability in their selves that most of us spend a life time convincing ourselves doesn’t exist.

Hmm. Maybe MM and Heidi Diaz are really made for each other.