Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heidi and Focused Thinking

One of my dear friends called me last night during swimming practice to rant a bit about the king sized ones of Heidi Diaz. She has just gotten her latest unwelcome and undesired Kimkins newsletter. She wonder just how Ms. Diaz, having only a few weeks ago been so destitute to have filed for bankruptcy could now be flush enough with cash to sponsor an essay contest. Good point, Christin.

So, this morning, my dear friend Avenue Girl calls me. “Read this!” she said. “It’s my essay entry!”

Well, for the first time I actually read the newsletter article. I was going to ignore this whole thing, but some things are just TOO good to pass up.

“Entries will be judged on originality, sincerity and how well your message is conveyed.” I think AG is pretty sincere here, don’t you? She gets her point across. It is an original take on things, too. I bet there won’t be a single other submission quite like it. Since she is on the move a lot maybe Heidi could just send her winnings in c/o John Tiedt.

“Before/after photos may be included to demonstrate your message.” First thing that comes to my mind – take a photo of how much food you ate while doing Kimkins and put it alongside a photo of how much food you eat doing Atkins. Mariasol already has done lots of those before and after shots. Maybe she’d resurrect them.

“Entries will be blind judged. Personal identifying information will be removed before forwarding to the Selection Committee.” Now, this is one of my favorite parts. Selection Committee - who could that be? The sock drawer? Oh, no, not them. They have to be able to enter and win. Brandon and Dennis maybe. I have a feeling this is something like that massive staff she had before she was busted. Oh, I know! It must be those blind followers. That will make the blind judging part easy. (I would never make fun of people conned by Heidi Diaz. At this point, those still devoted to her are fully aware and I don't consider them victims at all.)

“Winning essays may be published at and personal information removed.” So we will never “know” if a real person or a sock won? Well, I don’t blame her for this one. She is, after all, still being sued. Why drag another person in to the middle of it all like she did Singinglass and Gary?

“Kimkins staff members, vendors and consultants are ineligible to enter or judge entries.” Remember – socks , Brandon and Dennis are not paid so I’m sure they aren’t staff members any more. I guess John T. can’t enter, since she gave him credit for giving her such good business advice in her first deposition. That would make him a consultant.

“Submit entries by email to or mail at Kimkins, 575 Calhoun St., Corona, CA 92879.” Better be really careful now, Heidi. Fraud committed via the US Mail system is very serious, indeed.

$500 in cash prizes plus 5 gift baskets and Kimkins gift certificates? Christin is right. That is quite a chunk of change for someone who is bankrupt. I wonder – did you run this all by Mr. Peabody first?

I won’t be making an entry of my own because I like the same things Avenue Girl does so my entry wouldn’t be unique enough. I’m a bit worried about her, though – hasn’t Medusa taught us facial hair and stick legs are not a good thing?

I do have a few of my own to add, I guess. I like that I’ve been able to fine tune investigation skills and how easily those skills translate to the airy environment of the internet.

I’ve learned a whole lot more about human nature. Sociopaths really feel no remorse for the harm they do to others. They believe the rules that govern society as a whole simply don’t apply to them, especially in the case of a particular sociopath who tells herself she is simply trying to help people lose weight. They believe they hold the truth and the answers and the fact that they are not able to apply that truth to themselves and help themselves is totally irrelevant to the issue.

I like Kimkins for entertainment that has lasted for a year and a half now. It must make you proud, Heidi, to know that you have caught and kept the attention of so many people for so long. If what you were doing wasn’t so despicable we wouldn’t give you the time of day. I imagine you count on that, eh? Makes me think of what we know about delinquent children. Bad attention is better than no attention. Is that what it is for you, Heidi? You deserve to get attention face to face – not via the internet. I know a place where you can have a captive audience. You will look good in orange. Good thing you used that Rentin-A all those years.

The thing I like best about Kimkins is that I’ve met some incredible people. Actually, everyone I’ve “met” is incredible in one way or another. Quite a mix of characters.

Thank you, Heidi, for keeping in the forefront of our minds exactly what kind of person you are. Thank you for calling on us to reflect on what it is we like about Kimkins just days before we all head back into court with you. Your timing, as always, is impeccable.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is the SLAPP back?

Ah, it is nice to be back to business, now that the attempt to thwart the class action lawsuit with an ill advised bankruptcy has failed. We all know Heidi will have to attempt *something* to keep things stirred up. Of course she fails to realize that John and team will not be thwarted no matter the depths she attempts to attack from.

The latest is the attempt to intimidate the blogger known as Melting Mama, aka Beth. You can read the details here. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to get the really interesting part - though the part where her blog was hit many, many, many times is interesting in itself.

Not to take anything away from Melting Mama, but I have to wonder - why her? Looking around her site she has made mention of KK a couple of times, but she certainly isn't in the category of dedicated anti-KK blogger whose main focus is bringing down the Kimpire. So I ask again - why Beth? Does anyone believe for one nanosecond that Mr. Peabody is going to find someone in the fine state of MA to represent Heidi Diaz (or Dias, if you prefer)? Is he foolish enough to believe her pockets are that deep? Is he tipping her hand - allowing that she really has far more assets than she claims? Is he reckless enough to threaten legal action that he actually has no intention of taking?

The entire incident with NancyElle is brought to mind. Could it be that Beth is expected to react in a certain way to arouse the anti-KK crowd in a particular fashion? Is he counting on her to send waves of fright throughout a community he has neither the resources nor the legal grounds to take on?

Do you suppose he, being a competent (I'm guessing - I have no knowledge) divorce attorney, has researched the issue of retaliatory lawsuits? Is he ready to stick himself out there? Does he realize that if this little move of his backfires on him (which it surely will) that not only his client but he, himself, would be held financially liable?

We've all seen Heidi batting her little eyes, pulling the awe, shucks, I'm just a simple little housewife act. Do you suppose that is really mesmerizing in person?

Well, time will tell all, won't it? In the mean time, thank you, Mr. Peabody, for giving us something to contemplate while we all await May 20.

Oh, and HI! Heidi! I see you are online at the moment at LivePerson - dishing out even more of your made up advice. Lucky for you starvation really causes weight loss, eh? I wonder - do you show your before and after photos to your new "clients"? Do you tell them your own personal story? Do you still believe it is okay to deceive people because all you are trying to do is "help" them lose weight? Wonder with each and every one of those contacts just who really IS on the other end of the line ... you never know when you'll have to face those words again.