Friday, February 15, 2008

Stop the Fratricide! A Case of Friendly Fire ...

With truth comes power. The power to free the oppressed. The power to correct an injustice. The power to inflict mortal wounds.

The quest for truth is a worthy pursuit, but comes with a great responsibility to exercise caution – to be mindful at all times of the innocent bystanders in our midst. We also have a responsibility to protect those who would desire to help in whatever way they can, but who have to balance that cooperation with the risk of exposure to either a real or perceived enemy.

In recent days I have witnessed a case of friendly fire – the wounding of a person who was simply trying to lend aid to the cause of taking down Kimkins and Heidi Diaz in the only way they knew how. This person feared detection and so they attempted to communicate in a cryptic and at times a seemingly nonsensical fashion. All such attempts are met with a measure of skepticism initially. That is only prudent. After all, this is a tale of intrigue, deception, impersonation … The stakes are far too high to simply accept all newcomers claiming to hold one of the keys to this puzzle at face value. However, not only wisdom, but simple compassion dictates how we respond to such messengers, particularly in the public eye. Well meaning people can and have been hurt by the reckless disregard of some of those intent on seeing this fiasco to its conclusion. A basic tenet that I learned while training to be an emergency care provider would serve us well here … First, do no harm.

In this particular case, a genuine and viable asset has likely been driven completely away. We must entertain the real possibility that this person does indeed have information that could have a major impact on the final outcome of this proceeding.

To the individual who presented themselves recently as Martina’s Martini on the Fascination with Kimmer threads within the Low Carb Friends forum, I offer a sincere apology for any unfounded accusations that may have been leveled in your direction by some of those intensely focused on this particular quest. These are good people who, at times, get a bit caught up in the moment. But friendly fire, regardless of the intention, is never justified. We simply must stop the fratricide if we are to distinguish ourselves from those whom we oppose.

Fellow searchers, please exercise wisdom while pursuing leads, whether the subject is Kimkins or the Magic Chicken Diet or the next scam down the line. Speculation with a basis in facts, even if limited, is far different than arrows simply shot in the dark. Words do wound. And those words espoused on the internet will live on for a lifetime.