Sunday, February 17, 2008

May Martina’s Martini Rest in Peace

I am going to say very little about this. I’ll be happy to post your comments, but I will not respond to any questions unless directed to me by John.

Martina’s Martini was a real person. That person felt they had information to share that is pertinent to this case, but had reasons for wanting to stay hidden. That caused them to post in ways that seemed cryptic to most of us – as happens any time any of us is trying to share something without coming right out and saying it. Martina’s Martini felt to do so would put both themselves and another person at risk, so they chose to do things their way. Whether or not their fears were justified is not ours to judge.

I have had an ongoing conversation with this person over a great part of the day. In my opinion (and take that for what it is worth to you) I believe this person is sincere and the genuine article. I have taken the information they had to share and have passed it on to John Teidt. It is now up to John to determine if it is something he should act upon. I also believe this person did not come looking for all this mess we have become so fond of, rather it found them, and in it’s own way has opened up lots of wounds. I sincerely hope they close back up easily and the person we know as Martina’s Martini can get back to their life.

Just as I tried to express that sometimes it is better to hear a person out all the way before concluding they are simply out to stir up trouble, I now encourage you to trust that John has this information and will act on it. Curiosity is a healthy thing, but there is honestly nothing left here to see folks.

One question I have been asked that I will try to answer now: How did I know to post the Friendly Fire blog post in the first place? I don’t know, frankly. Only that I believe in the Hand of Providence and that it tapped me on the shoulder and told me to listen up. I obeyed.

May we all be able to listen to the next person with an ear open to the heavens.