Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Defense Idea for Kimkins Founder

Hey, Heidi - here is a new tactic for you. Maybe you can use this as your defense for not being 118 ...

Personal trainer Paul “PJ” James of Australia decided he needs to fatten up to be able to relate to his obese clients so he is on a quest to intentionally gain 85 pounds. He figures doing this will put him in the right frame of mind to understand the struggles of the overweight souls he is trying to help. In his fit state, apparently, he isn’t able to do that.

The tools he is using to reach his new goal weight of 265 pounds are Krispy Crème donuts and deep-fried chocolate bars, along with other widely accepted foods that pack on the weight. Of course, he has also ditched the healthy veggies and other nutritious alternatives, because apparently he believes that overweight people don’t eat those. He started at 180 in January, and by the time of this ABC News story at the end of February he had already packed a bunch of it on to reach 233 pounds. He plans to be at his goal weight by the end of March. Wow. That is any day now.

I wonder if Mr. James has entertained the possibility that he may actually be creating an eating disorder? Could he develop an intolerance for or addiction to carbs like so many of us have? Will all the muscle mass he has hidden under all that fat deprive him of the experience he craves – that of being just like his fat clients?

This gives new meaning to what someone is willing to do for a buck. I sort of doubt some hunk gaining weight rapidly and losing it just as rapidly is going to be much inspiration to anyone. Maybe he will maintain his new weight for 4 or 5 years and THEN lose it. That might inspire me. Or not.

Look here for Mr. James’ success photo gallery. (Obviously the before pic at ABC was from his modeling days and Day 3 – well – wasn’t. Not that he doesn’t look good on Day 3 but I sure don’t see that lovely six pack …)