Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Matter of Public Interest

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One phrase keeps jumping out at me as I have been reading case after case after case in the matter of SLAPP lawsuits. That phrase is "a matter of public interest". We, as citizens, have the right to speak out against things that involve the public interest. I keep asking myself, "Self, does the Kimkins.con matter qualify?" So I decided that we need to really visualize just how big a deal this is.

The number that keeps getting tossed around is 40,000. That is the number of members it is estimatedthat KK has - or had at one time, anyway. 40,000. That is a big number. It would take a long time to count it out. Go ahead. Try it. I'll wait.


The population of the town of Dublin, OH is 40,000. The population of the campus of Penn State University is 40,000. 40,000 people dying in an earthquake or of AIDS gets our attention for sure.

Forty thousand.

Here is a little visual I put together to help you get your mind around that number. I venture that yes, there are enough people involved for this to qualify as a matter of public interest ... Maybe we could print this out and put it on our wall to remind us of why we are doing what we are doing. I encourage you to look all the way to the end.

Yes, I counted them. Heidi, this is your worst nightmare.

You want to know something? I think the number 40,000 is way too low. Think of all of the people who listened to her at Low Carb Friends for all of those years while she built her fantasy life and diet. Think of all of the people who read the Woman's World article and tried following her fraudulent advice without ever joining her site.

Think of how many people have been saved from her clutches because of the endless commitment of those who stand up in opposition to her. Imagine how may are at risk if we let her intimidate us into inaction.

Yes, Heidi. this is your worst nightmare. You just don't realize it yet.