Monday, April 21, 2008

Here You Go, Christin!

Kinda long, but I figured you might enjoy this!

(content might be too violent for kids)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Devil's Advocate

1. a controversial argument, as one against some opinion, doctrine, etc.
2. a person who argues in opposition to another; controversialist.

I have had reports of several people who have expressed concern that Sam Redman was somehow wresting control of the LCF Fascination with Kimmer threads away from the long time residents and making it his own personal soapbox. As a result people were retreating into their corners, vowing not to post so long as he darkens our doorstep.

Part of me finds that very funny and part of me simply shakes my head in disbelief. I am not shaking my finger at anyone here, so try not to take offense. I find this reaction quite amazing, though.

Sam stated his agenda very clearly early on. He told us exactly what he is about.

“So, there you have my musings. Realize that one of my hobbies is to launch polemics, such as this one, on internet forums... I do it for fun and I have posted on every subject imaginable and on multiple sides of the political spectrum (I'm often called an equal-opportunity offender). I love pursuing the the art and practice of disputation and debating in forums where controversy exists. So, either take what I have to say to heart, ignore it or respond if you like (and in any way you like). And yes, as one poster pointed out... I am the same Sam Redman, who is a writer of light (sometimes called "pulp"), hopefully entertaining, fiction (but, that doesn't mean everything I write is fictional). I'm honestly happy with any reaction anyone has... hey, I'm just doing it for the fun of internet conversation.”

His hobby is polemics. That is a controversialist - not a conversationalist. He seeks out emotionally charged topics and enters into the conversation with the express intent of stirring it up and creating lively debate.

Unfortunately for Sam, rather than find the well reasoned debate he was thirsting for, he was met with steadfast conviction that the case against Heidi Diaz is cut and dried, safely placed into the very trustworthy hands of the very capable John Tiedt. I doubt he realized he was walking into the gathering spot of the very people Heidi Diaz had defrauded. He has come face to face with the victims themselves. Who can debate the victims, if for no other reason than they are too emotionally involved to give him the type of debate required to satisfy his passion.

Thanks for responding to my earlier blog, Sam, and for answering the question. At this point in time I'm willing to accept that you are telling the truth about not being in contact with Heidi when I evaluate your comments in light of your stated objective. I also see where you can and do change with the wind - that transition was apparent when you started posting about her fraudulent business practices re: lifetime memberships and ongoing staff expenses. That trait is very consistent with your stated agenda. I recognize it because I do it myself, though not in this particular case. Nothing like a good fight to get the blood pumping, eh?

As much as you have been around, however, it is unlikely that you don’t get the interest in Sam Redman. You have to be aware that much of this case focuses on the fact that Heidi Diaz has assumed many different personalities, both male and female, over long periods of time. Many of her staff members and several forum members have been conclusively proven to be nothing more than creations of her twisted imagination. She certainly has the basic skills to be a writer herself, though in her drive to deceive she is sloppy and inconsistent. She has made appearances on the boards and blogs of all of us likely at one time or another. It is very conceivable that she would take on the persona of Sam Redman and make yet another grand appearance. (As a side note, one of her admins, known as SingingLass, appears to be her understudy. Unfortunately for her, it will likely be to her own detriment.) For the record, I do NOT think you are her - you are far too articulate and your writing belies the fact that you have likely penned those many articles you lay claim to, many of which I have read. You also stay on a very even keel emotionally - something she is simply not capable of doing for any sustained period of time.

Additionally, she has manipulated others into doing her bidding for her. She has proven herself capable of being very charming and credible sounding, as well as very persuasive even while that very writing is fraught with unbelievable claims. I could easily understand someone like yourself taking a literary interest in this ordeal, and can imagine her approaching someone to write "her story", if you will… or to act as editor of her own attempt to immortalize the Kimmer.

Sam, should you decide that the entertainment value of this particular exercise has waned for you and you move on, I’d like to say it has been stimulating. In another setting, you would make a most worthy opponent.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who is Sam Redman?

NOTE: First, an important message regarding the status of the lawsuit - if you live in San Diego County, please read this!

Google the name and the links seem endless. Some are obviously not the poster who is making his splash on the LCF Fascination with Kimmer threads. Like many of us, Sam seems to be complex - more than initially meets the eye.

Being a big country music fan myself, I decided to check out the music of the No Account Man Band. This song, along with all of the others on their album, Two Faces, credit the lyrics and music to Sam Redman. Is it the same Sam Redman, as the LCF poster claims? The jury is still out on that, but in the meantime, enjoy the music.

Speaking of Sam's entrance into LCF, his first entry into the fora was not into the FWK thread, but rather into Low Carb Testimonies thread. This comment in particular interests me:

"So, yes, I have been a successful dieter and low carb is my kernel (or base), but would what I do work for others? I don't know... I'm almost of the opinion that what works for me isn't a prescription for everyone else. Lots of friends have tried my "program" and they just didn't have the results I get. And even though what I do is "working," I still am learning and picking up ideas. That's why I'm here... lots of good concepts and menu ideas are on these pages and I might have a tip or two myself (although... I'm not a medical person at all, so anything I tell anyone should be taken with a grain of salt)."

On the FWK threads you have said:

"Well, like my first post on this thread said... I was intrigued when I first saw a video on one of the tube sites about the Kimkins fiasco and so, I began doing some Google searches."

So, which came first? Did you discover LCF as a result of finding the video referencing the Kimkins fiasco, or did you find the fiasco as a result of coming to learn more about the low carb way of eating?

Not trying to be rude, but after reading all that has occurred, I'm sure you can understand healthy skepticism.

An Invitation To Dialogue ...

First, a message from Christin reference the lawsuit:

"On another note.... I need for anyone who is a member or former member of KK that lives in the San Diego COUNTY to please contact John at the email address listed in The Kimkins Lawsuit Blog (you do not have to even be a member of the lawsuit yet). This is important, so he needs to hear from you as quickly as possible. Thanks everyone for your hard work!!!"

As links to the Active Lowcarber Forums are not particularly welcome on the LCF boards, I have been asked to post the links to the Samuel comments here.

Here is a good place to start, samredman ...

Anti-Kimkins: The Early Months

As you can see, Sam, there is a strong resemblence to some of your writing here in the person of "Samuel". My time at the moment won't allow me to expound on that, but I will return to the subject soon enough. In the meantime, anyone who wants to talk about this, feel free to leave comments and I'll get them posted.

One question I'd like to ask you directly, Sam - have you had any direct contact with Heidi Diaz to this point, regarding this or any other matter?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Back Linking

There has been a great deal of conversation going on regarding the issue of back linking in the blogs and posts dedicated to the anti-Kimkins campaign. It has also been brought to my attention that a concern was expressed that a back link was carried from my blog to the LCF forums.

Just for the record, Back Links are NOT allowed on the Prudentia Blog. The only links that appear are ones that I intentionally include. The exception to this is that when another Blogger posts a comment their name links back to their own blog. If a particular blogger creates a blog with the express intent of filling it with links to the Kimkins website, I can't control that. If, however, you ever notice that one of those blogger links goes directly to the deadly Kimkins website let me know ASAP and I will delete the comment.

The crispybread link leads to a removed blog.

Please know that I have done all I can to prevent the illicit promotion of the deadly Kimkins diet from this blog.

For more information on this subject, please check out the Affiliate Scams blog by following this intentionally included link.