Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who is Sam Redman?

NOTE: First, an important message regarding the status of the lawsuit - if you live in San Diego County, please read this!

Google the name and the links seem endless. Some are obviously not the poster who is making his splash on the LCF Fascination with Kimmer threads. Like many of us, Sam seems to be complex - more than initially meets the eye.

Being a big country music fan myself, I decided to check out the music of the No Account Man Band. This song, along with all of the others on their album, Two Faces, credit the lyrics and music to Sam Redman. Is it the same Sam Redman, as the LCF poster claims? The jury is still out on that, but in the meantime, enjoy the music.

Speaking of Sam's entrance into LCF, his first entry into the fora was not into the FWK thread, but rather into Low Carb Testimonies thread. This comment in particular interests me:

"So, yes, I have been a successful dieter and low carb is my kernel (or base), but would what I do work for others? I don't know... I'm almost of the opinion that what works for me isn't a prescription for everyone else. Lots of friends have tried my "program" and they just didn't have the results I get. And even though what I do is "working," I still am learning and picking up ideas. That's why I'm here... lots of good concepts and menu ideas are on these pages and I might have a tip or two myself (although... I'm not a medical person at all, so anything I tell anyone should be taken with a grain of salt)."

On the FWK threads you have said:

"Well, like my first post on this thread said... I was intrigued when I first saw a video on one of the tube sites about the Kimkins fiasco and so, I began doing some Google searches."

So, which came first? Did you discover LCF as a result of finding the video referencing the Kimkins fiasco, or did you find the fiasco as a result of coming to learn more about the low carb way of eating?

Not trying to be rude, but after reading all that has occurred, I'm sure you can understand healthy skepticism.


Yucky's Opinions Inc. said...

Curiouser and curiouser. In our honest OPINION, this guy is a creep, and sounds like he might be trying to market his own diet ... is he actually Heidi? is he one of her paid affiliates? is he somebody she picked up on the BDSM sites? or what? Inquring minds wanna know.

Prudentia said...

Thank you, OYB! That's what happens when I compose on the fly ... (blushing)

Anonymous said...

Who cares who he is, as he has a beautiful voice that is for sure. Thank you for the link.

Prudentia said...

I don't think he's singing. Perhaps he will let us know who is.

Anonymous said...

I dunno about his not singing if you google the No Account Man you pull up a whole album of even better songs by a Sam Redman.

mariasol said...

Too many coincidences in my opinion:
- The writing style is identical to Samuel on ALC who signs some of his posts "Sam"
- Samuel defended Kimmer on ALC, Sam defends Kimmer on LCF
- Sam enters LCF on the heels of CrispyBread and at the time Jimmy's hacking takes place
- Sam is able to provide great technical details about how the hacking could have taken place and why Kimmer had nothing to do with it
- Sam keeps on telling us that he is in Dallas. WHY? Why would I care? His server is in Dallas but he can really be anywhere.

Prudentia said...

Exactly, Anonymous. It clearly credits him with writing the music and the lyrics. It does NOT, however, identify the vocalist :)

OhYeahBabe said...

"Sam is able to provide great technical details about how the hacking could have taken place and why Kimmer had nothing to do with it"

Reminds me of OJ's book about "If I did it"

Anonymous said...

I would be interested to know exactly what Sam's LC "program" consists of.

There's also the unanswered question of why he claims he kept the weight off all these years on the FWK thread, but in the testimonies thread, he says he fluctuated as much as 50 lbs - doesn't sound like his "program", whatever it is, works too well.

And then there's the little question about how it is that he changed his tune on the thing about the ducks supposedly illegally preventing Hidey from conducting her business, while at the same time, claiming she's bringing in lots of new members and has plenty of money coming in to keep the site going, then following that up with claims that it's a ponzi scheme that will run out of money as the possible new members run out. (Which as I understand it, it's not even a ponzi scheme, no one is claiming to make money for those who are already members based on how many new members come in under them). But that also brings up the question of how exactly does he know there's lots of new members, and that she has plenty of money to keep the site going?

(I can't seem to sign in on here, it keeps telling me I"ve got the wrong password.)

Prudentia said...

Anonymous, Blogger has been a bit stubborn lately. You could always just sign your comments at the end ...

bluesuede said...

I have just about quit posting due the events of the last few days. Things are just not the same -- in more ways than one.

It does seem odd that this cast of characters all seemed to show up at the same time. I don't even have the fortitude to read Sam's posts. I don't even want to know his viewpoint one way or the other. He's just as creepy as Heidi. They would make a good couple.

mariasol said...

bluesuede said: "He's just as creepy as Heidi. They would make a good couple."

Perhaps he is Heidi.

Anonymous said...


It does seem odd that this cast of characters all seemed to show up at the same time.

who are all the characters that showed up, other than this Sam person?

Medusa said...

Mariasol said, "Perhaps he is Heidi."

Wouldn't that make Sam a "she-male"?

Oooh, THAT would be interesting :^)

Great post, Prudentia! Liked the music but the video was extra cheesy.

PS...bluesuede, please don't quit posting. You rock!

bluesuede said...

Thanks, Medusa! I feel the same way about you.

Anonymous, the cast of characters include CrispyBread, Samredman, JustMe08(?),and I guess I would throw Little Miss in there with them. Oh, and don't forget Jo2621 -- JUST KIDDING, Jo!