Wednesday, April 9, 2008

An Invitation To Dialogue ...

First, a message from Christin reference the lawsuit:

"On another note.... I need for anyone who is a member or former member of KK that lives in the San Diego COUNTY to please contact John at the email address listed in The Kimkins Lawsuit Blog (you do not have to even be a member of the lawsuit yet). This is important, so he needs to hear from you as quickly as possible. Thanks everyone for your hard work!!!"

As links to the Active Lowcarber Forums are not particularly welcome on the LCF boards, I have been asked to post the links to the Samuel comments here.

Here is a good place to start, samredman ...

Anti-Kimkins: The Early Months

As you can see, Sam, there is a strong resemblence to some of your writing here in the person of "Samuel". My time at the moment won't allow me to expound on that, but I will return to the subject soon enough. In the meantime, anyone who wants to talk about this, feel free to leave comments and I'll get them posted.

One question I'd like to ask you directly, Sam - have you had any direct contact with Heidi Diaz to this point, regarding this or any other matter?


mariasol said...

He denies being Samuel. It must be his twin then. I posted on ALC at that time and I recognized him immediately.

It's interesting to also to look at his older posts on ALC. His posts support Kimkins woe even though he doesn't use the name Kimkins.

OhYeahBabe said...

Sam may not be Samuel, but him saying so isn't going to make people believe it. After all, Kimmer and Heidi Diaz are high school friends yanno.
My blog: Kimorexia
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Yucky said...

Just wondering. How long did he say he researched Kimkins/antiKimkins before he decided to start posting in the fasc.thread?

It just seems odd that in all that time he was researching, reading the blogs, reading various info sites etc. not one did he ever see any mention of ALC.

Aruba said...

Roger Laughing = Jolly Roger = pirate

perspicacious said...

Hi, I'm Sam Redman. Nope, I have never had any contact with Heidi Diaz, directly or indirectly... she really seems like an ego-maniac, someone I wouldn't want to know (but, that doesn't mean I can't take an honest, unbiased look at the case). And by-the-way, I can change my opinion with the wind. Personality-wise, she seems a loser... and someone who has made many mistakes (banning the very people who could have been her defenders). I think this case is not as clear-cut as everyone thinks and I really question the motive of all the people with such righteous indignation wanting to do her in (but, that's just ole cynical me). I have been an avid internet "sleuth" for years. I have written thousands and thousands of pages under various pseudonyms (but, none of them is "Samuel," anywhere). If you would like to study Sam Redman (sounds like a boring exercise to me) one way to start would be to start at the vast writing archives on (a box at the top tells you where to find Sam Redman postings).

I am not interested (really) in posting on yet another blog, so this will have to be the end of that dialog you proposed. If you want anything else answered, you can write me at the email address shown at and I will answer, when I can (not always right away).

(The only way I could sign in here was as with a board name I used years ago.. I don't know where.)

mariasol said...

Aruba - Would you happen to be a member on Sam's board Refugees Unleashed? There was an Aruba or Arubagirl there that was involved in "outing" Sam Redman as a Roger.

Yucky said...

Not interested in private email communication. If you want to be a contrarian or engage in a real debate, have the guts to do it out here in the open field.

We know there's a real person named Sam Redman. We have no way of knowing if you're that person. What matters at least as far as the antikimkins debate is concerned is that you, whoever you are, have expressed an interest in the debate yet when presented with the opportunity you make excuses for withdrawing. wth? Not much of a debate and not much a debater, if the best you can do is fart in our general direction and then scurry back into the shadows and insist upon comparmentalizing everyone who makes a sincere effort to communicate.

Private email in this situation would serve to provide an ambience of isolation -- just you, alone with one female opponent -- and for what purpose? So that you can feel more in control? Is that what you're so fearful of?

To insist upon a "discussion" or "debate" on a public topic, via private email, with individual women who have been personally hurt and affected by this public topic, sets of alarm bells. You know it. But you insist upon trivializing those alarms and dismissing -- with a sniff of pseudointelliectual high-road-osity -- that hurt.

Yucky said...

Mariasol says "Aruba - Would you happen to be a member on Sam's board Refugees Unleashed? There was an Aruba or Arubagirl there that was involved in "outing" Sam Redman as a Roger."

?! whoa, that sounds like an interesting discussion! Could you please post the link? Thanks! What do you mean about somebody outing him "as a Roger"? His real name is Roger? Is that what Aruba's comment means?

mariasol said...

Sam Redman continues to confuse us. Now it looks as if he has hacked Kimkins. Why? Or is he working with Heidi and has her permission to clone her front page?
Details on my blog or

mariasol said...

LCFSam claims to never use the name Samuel. What about his email address which is used for the registrar of (otfw enterprises)?

Prudentia said...

Mariasol, I took him to mean he had never posted on a forum with the name Samuel. You read that different?