Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who is Sam Redman?

NOTE: First, an important message regarding the status of the lawsuit - if you live in San Diego County, please read this!

Google the name and the links seem endless. Some are obviously not the poster who is making his splash on the LCF Fascination with Kimmer threads. Like many of us, Sam seems to be complex - more than initially meets the eye.

Being a big country music fan myself, I decided to check out the music of the No Account Man Band. This song, along with all of the others on their album, Two Faces, credit the lyrics and music to Sam Redman. Is it the same Sam Redman, as the LCF poster claims? The jury is still out on that, but in the meantime, enjoy the music.

Speaking of Sam's entrance into LCF, his first entry into the fora was not into the FWK thread, but rather into Low Carb Testimonies thread. This comment in particular interests me:

"So, yes, I have been a successful dieter and low carb is my kernel (or base), but would what I do work for others? I don't know... I'm almost of the opinion that what works for me isn't a prescription for everyone else. Lots of friends have tried my "program" and they just didn't have the results I get. And even though what I do is "working," I still am learning and picking up ideas. That's why I'm here... lots of good concepts and menu ideas are on these pages and I might have a tip or two myself (although... I'm not a medical person at all, so anything I tell anyone should be taken with a grain of salt)."

On the FWK threads you have said:

"Well, like my first post on this thread said... I was intrigued when I first saw a video on one of the tube sites about the Kimkins fiasco and so, I began doing some Google searches."

So, which came first? Did you discover LCF as a result of finding the video referencing the Kimkins fiasco, or did you find the fiasco as a result of coming to learn more about the low carb way of eating?

Not trying to be rude, but after reading all that has occurred, I'm sure you can understand healthy skepticism.

An Invitation To Dialogue ...

First, a message from Christin reference the lawsuit:

"On another note.... I need for anyone who is a member or former member of KK that lives in the San Diego COUNTY to please contact John at the email address listed in The Kimkins Lawsuit Blog (you do not have to even be a member of the lawsuit yet). This is important, so he needs to hear from you as quickly as possible. Thanks everyone for your hard work!!!"

As links to the Active Lowcarber Forums are not particularly welcome on the LCF boards, I have been asked to post the links to the Samuel comments here.

Here is a good place to start, samredman ...

Anti-Kimkins: The Early Months

As you can see, Sam, there is a strong resemblence to some of your writing here in the person of "Samuel". My time at the moment won't allow me to expound on that, but I will return to the subject soon enough. In the meantime, anyone who wants to talk about this, feel free to leave comments and I'll get them posted.

One question I'd like to ask you directly, Sam - have you had any direct contact with Heidi Diaz to this point, regarding this or any other matter?