Friday, February 29, 2008

I Am So Angry

I am sitting here in tears right now, so angry about the hurt I am seeing so many around me experiencing. I read AmyB's posts - on her blog and on the fora - and I hear the anguish, the pain, the sense of loss, and the sadness. I don't hear weak. I don't hear lost. I don't hear arrogant, either. I hear normal. Amy is not alone in this. There are many who have recently come out of the Kimpound who still feel that tug of the familiar.

Why do I care? Why does it move me? Because in them, I see me.

As I said in my last entry, abuse comes in many forms. But it is still abuse. And the repercussions are basically the same. Through my own experience I learned so very much. My hope is to be able to use that to encourage others - to give them maybe that one thing that they can hang on to, so they know there is nothing wrong with them, that they can break free of this.

Think of it like this. Most of us have known someone somewhere, usually a woman, who has been living with an abusive mate. Might be physically abusive, or maybe no physical to her violence, but emotionally abusive, or violent to things but not people. As an observer, we stand back and look at the situation and can't understand why she doesn't just leave. Pick up and walk out the door. We may have spent hours and hours talking to her. She calls us when he's "that way" again. But, for reasons we can't fathom, she either never leaves in the first place, or she does but her resolve quickly dissolves and she is right back again. Frankly, we get tired of it all. If she doesn't want to help herself, well, we just can't fix it for her. Eventually, we turn our backs on her. Or we start to ridicule her or belittle her for being weak, or a saddist, or whatever else. We don't understand, but we simply don't have the stomach to deal with it anymore. That woman may be our mother, our sister, our friend, our daughter.

What we don't realize is that she never thought she would end up that way. She never dreamed this would be her life. She didn't recognize it in the first place. Looking back she realizes there were signs, but she didn't heed them. She may even tell herself that she made her bed ... and as my mother used to tell me ... now sleep in it. And she certainly doesn't understand why she stays.

How do I know? What gives me the right to speak to any of this? Because there was a time in my life where I was her.

One day, I was standing in the kitchen, backed into a corner. The corner made by the kitchen counter and the cupboards. We were yelling at each other. Every button I had was being pushed - all at once. I became aware that the drawer with the knives was right next to me. All I had to do was open it ...

And that is the moment I knew it had to end. He had to go. I know without a doubt that the Hand of God intervened at that moment. I didn't open the drawer. Later that night, I opened the door. I wish I could say that ended it. It did not. It took much more. But after that night he never stepped foot in my house again. And even though the relationship was only 8 months old at that point, it has taken YEARS to move past it. I don't think I'll ever be the person I was before. Uneffected. I was so sure that I was smart - I had lived through so much to that point in my life. I had dealt with more things by that point than many people deal with in a lifetime, and done it with dignity and self respect (well, that one is questionable, in retrospect). I was way too savvy to ever be caught up in something like that - the big A word. Not me. And since it couldn't happen to me, then it must be something else. There was something I wasn't seeing - that if I could just see it, it would be better.

That feeling had more to do with me not being able to break away than any other factor, I believe. For me to walk away would be to admit that I wasn't able to care for myself the way I thought I could. That little voice inside me that protected me from harm failed me. That was very, very difficult to admit. I was vulnerable, and to me that was a dirty word. For me to admit that I had been decieved made me look at everything else around me, too. People that I thought were my friends, really weren't. For a period of time it was like I was walking on sinking and shifting sand. I'd put my foot on what I thought was a stable place only to discover that it was just an illusion.

Today, while I weep as I recognize the emotions that so many others are going through, I am thankful that I've been changed forever. Maybe most importantly, I am far more compassionate than I ever was before. I have had many opportunities to reach out to others and offer hope and support. And I've learned that in doing so, they may not change their circumstances. I can't make up their minds for them. They have to walk their own road. What I can offer them, though, is my story. Or glimpses of it, anyway. Enough for them to know that they aren't crazy. Man, I sure thought I was for awhile. I thought I was having a breakdown.

It is so important for those of you Kimkins survivors, who have gone through enough of the healing process that you feel whole again, to share your stories. I so encourage you to do so. Yes, it is risky. Someone might ridicule you. Someone might try to take advantage of you, thinking that you are weak. Some may try to con you. And you may allow yourself to believe in people who end up abusing that trust, which can cause other people to ridicule you. But someone, somewhere may just be saved by YOUR story. Your story told as only you can tell it.

And it is amazing how much healing comes through that. For one thing, it gives your experience meaning. I don't ask God "Why?" any more. When you watch someone else break through and you realize that your story played a tiny part in helping them do that, all the risk pales. And the "Why?" becomes crystal clear. I'm so very thankful that I serve a God that uses every little and big detail and experience for the good. That gives my life meaning. And those hurts become tools - tools in the hands of a living, loving God. Tools that bring healing to hurting people.

Sorry to ramble today, folks. Just feeling a bit emotional. Until Later ....

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Finally Get It!

UPDATED: First, Heidi, Jeanessa has a message for you ... follow the #1 Kimkins Lawsuit Weblog link to the left ...

Now, back to the blog post ...

Can you identify with any of this? Do you see or hear yourself in any of these as you think about your relationship with Heidi Diaz/Kimmer, either past or present?

If she is being nasty with me, well, I’ve done something to deserve it … maybe I gossiped and don’t even remember… going back through all of the posts I wrote to see if I deserved it … look at all she did for me, and look what I’m doing to her in return … she gave to me when no one else would … I should have known … I ignored the signs …

They are telling lies about her ... I twisted her words … I misunderstood her … she didn’t really say it … I’m not remembering it right … she’s not really that way … she was just having a bad day or moment … that wasn’t the “real” her … she didn’t really mean it … she must be ill, maybe even have a problem like split personality disorder, I’m the only one that understands her … if I leave, she’ll be all alone …

Concern for others
If I leave, she’ll take it out on them … so long as she is talking about me she won’t bother anyone else … if I leave there won’t be anyone to stick up for them … I’m tough, I can handle it, but they can’t …

Fear for yourself
No one else will be able to help me … I’ll end up fat again without her to help me stay thin … I couldn’t do it myself before, so how can I expect to do it myself without her … if I leave I will lose my friends … if I go public with this she will terrorize my family or air my dirty laundry … if I turn on her she will blame me … she will drag me into it … she will expose me and my reputation will be ruined … people will know that I have issues with food …

I know there is something wrong with me … I know I shouldn’t let her treat me this way … I’m just weak and can’t seem to stand up to her … when I try she rears up and gets even bigger than me … I can’t let anyone else see me like this … if people knew the real me they would be repulsed … they will feel pity for me, and I don’t want pity …

Branded Syndrome
Everyone will see me for the failure I am … I’m not a quitter … I am weak … I’m not smart enough to figure this out … People will think I’m so stupid … my loved ones will laugh at me … my husband will be angry that I spent the money then walked away without succeeding … people I love and respect will turn their backs on me … people in my support network will turn on me … I will be considered a whistle blower … I will be called a gold digger … people will think I am jealous of her … I will be called a hater … I will be called a Duck …

If I just do or say the right thing, everything will be great … if I’m nice enough, compliant enough, she will like me and be nice to me … if I lose the weight and become a front page success story she be nice to me … if I just don’t stir anything up she won’t notice me … I’ll stay under the radar … once she isn’t under pressure or being attacked she will be different … if people would just stop trying to take what she has earned she will be nicer … who wouldn’t be mean and nasty with other people always attacking you, tearing you down and trying to ruin your life?

The above emotions and thought patterns are classic symptoms exhibited by victims of abuse. Abuse does not simply come from the hands of a lover or a parent. In this case, it is coming from the hands of a scammer.

It is also possible to have these emotions revolving around the website, rather than Heidi. Believing that there is no other place on the internet, no other safe environment where people won’t harass you would be an indicator that you fall into this category.

You must know right now – if this is you – if you identify with any of these emotions and thoughts – there is NOTHING wrong with YOU. You are not the deficient one. You are not weak. You are not broken. YOU are not the problem.
Thank you AmyB for being so articulate as you express your feelings. Your descriptions of your experiences, along with the emails that you received from Heidi have opened the window for me. I understand the hold that Heidi Diaz has on so many people. Over the next few days I will go deeper with this, looking both at the behaviors of the abuser, as well as exploring the question of why we are susceptible to someone like Heidi Diaz in the first place.

Chances are that many of you reading this have had feelings stirred up in you by watching this entire Heidi Diaz ordeal and not even known why you feel so strongly. Things are triggering in you because at some level, you can identify with those who have been caught in her web. More on that later, though

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Was I Duped?

I don’t think so. In my mind, anyway, being duped would involve being fed a pack of lies. There certainly was some fiction woven throughout everything I was told, but I expected that. Facts were being checked and verified. The deceptions that were shared with me involved accomplishments of the story teller – sort of like a puffed up resume. But the information that was shared about another was accurate. That has been confirmed.

Behind every screen name there is a family out there – generally children or parents or siblings, even spouses - who are in no way connected with, nor responsible for the rantings and ramblings of the person holding the screen name. I know I have children. I blog behind a fictitious name because I want to shield my children from the ugliness of Heidi Diaz and her scamming ways. Many of you do, as well. Because of those innocents behind the name Martina’s Martini I will not reveal his identity, though he, himself, sprinkled plenty of clues out there on the forums and blogs. I do have plenty else to say, though.

Martina’s Martini is a real person. I am 100% confident that person is NOT Heidi Diaz. How can I be sure? Because I have 100% confidence in the person who confirmed that information for me. There IS, however, a very definite connection – one that I seriously doubt Martina’s Martini ever dreamed would come to light.

The information that MM desperately wanted to share with John Teidt concerned one of the principals of the lawsuit. Namely that Heidi and others representing her had been contacting the estranged family members of one of the lawsuit principals, seeking personal information. According to MM, they used a variety of tactics, including deception – saying the person has won a cruise – in an effort to gather what they perceived to be dirt. MM thought that John T. would want to know that information. So, that is what was passed. The remaining parts of the conversations I had with MM revolved around MM himself, some of his past hurts, and some pending situations that have nothing to do with the affairs of Heidi Diaz. Because those conversations involved people – real people – who have nothing to do with any of this, I will not share that content with you all. Please believe me, all information has been made available to John Teidt to consider as he sees fit. I did what I agreed to do.

Interestingly enough, MM never asked for any information from me. That is why I am confident that MM’s intention was not to try to “get” any information for Heidi. That is part of what made it difficult for me to reconcile the person I was talking with to the person I was being told about.

That said there is another side to all of this. While MM was carrying on this conversation with me, MM was also carrying on a conversation with Heidi Diaz. That is an undisputable fact. There is proof, and that proof is in the hands of the people it needs to be in. Heidi didn’t hesitate one millisecond to betray her buddy. She sold him out in a flash. MM believed by sharing personal information about one of the principals that he would help Heidi. He penned the phrase “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” And Heidi, being the dog that she is, gleefully lapped it right up. Funny thing is, none of this information has anything to do with the lawsuit. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Won’t help her a bit.

It does, however, show just how far Heidi Diaz is willing to go to try to gather dirt on those involved with the lawsuit. Principals, if you are listening, know what she is up to. She is trying to dig up dirt. Heidi can feel millions of dollars slipping through her hands, and she will resort to whatever she can think of to hold on to it.

And the Ducks will be right there … ready to expose her dirty schemes.

As for MM – it is so very sad that this is the legacy your chose to leave. I told you, tell your story so years later others can read it and judge you for themselves. I never in a million years dreamed that this would be a chapter you would even consider writing. In that way, yes, I was fooled. I allowed my heart to reach out to someone who was hurting, in an effort to offer comfort and hope. They decided, though, to shoot themselves in the foot.

One other thing I want to address is why would MM present him self in such an abrasive and irrational fashion? I can only speculate, but I believe MM wanted major attention. I think this whole thing revolves around MM wanting to feel significant. I can only pray that one day MM will discover that significance comes from who we are in Christ – not from the accolades of others. MM, your 15 minutes of fame has passed. Likely you have been left with a very hollow feeling inside. That is what happens when you sell your soul, as you did when you allied yourself with Heidi Diaz. You walked through that door with your eyes wide open, intent on hurting another. Instead it is only yourself that you have damaged. Hopefully, you have learned that when you lash out in your own hurt, all you ultimately accomplish is heaping more hurt on your own head.

I will admit – this whole ordeal set me back a bit. A very sweet soul made a comment to me last night that really made me sit back and think. She observed that I didn’t seem to trust her very much. And the fact is, I didn’t. Encounters like this leave you a little bit jaded. A little bit more cautious. That seems to be the legacy of Heidi Diaz, as well. There are many, many people that are now walking around, keeping others at arms length, leery of trusting. Sadly, there are many more, still under the influence of her manipulative ways. All of these folks, whether they are out in the light, free from Heidi’s direct influence, or they are still there in the Kimpound, need our love, our patience, our understanding and our prayers. Those still inside can not, for whatever reason, allow themselves to accept the truth – for to do that exposes a vulnerability in their selves that most of us spend a life time convincing ourselves doesn’t exist.

Hmm. Maybe MM and Heidi Diaz are really made for each other.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Double-Minded …

… one who is divided in his interests or loyalties, wavering, uncertain, two-faced, half-hearted.

Double Agent…
… a spy who works for two mutually antagonistic countries - (military) a secret agent hired by a state to obtain information about its enemies or by a business to obtain industrial secrets from competitors

Traitor …
… one who betrays another’s trust

… One who betrays another under the guise of friendship.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend …”

To the one who said that … you have been discovered. Too sad this is the legacy you have chosen to leave. You sold your soul, and you did it for naught. Your pearls of wisdom have turned out to be nothing more than meaningless drivel.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why Do YOU Support Heidi Diaz, aka Kimmer?

Well, Heidi – how you continue to garner support among any group of people is beyond my comprehension. As an ardent student of human nature I would really like to understand. So, I’m offering you an opportunity. I’m quite sure that your attorney has repeatedly told you not to make any statements which can be used against you, so never in a million years would I expect you, personally, to enter into any sort of dialog about this. What I am proposing, then, is to provide an opportunity for those who follow you to share their why. Not why Kimkins, the diet. Rather why, Kimmer, the diet leader. Not how you found Kimkins, but why, in spite of all that has come out, are you willing to trust Heidi Diaz? What inside you outweighs the evidence that proves she is a master at deceiving people?

I’d like to hear from those who have been following her for awhile, and those who are brand new.

Why, after everything that has been exposed about Kimmer would you continue to follow and support her?

Why, after everything that has been exposed about Kimmer would you decide to join her website and follow her eating plan anyway?

People like erinrn, grantoangels, jnlisfatnomore, tasjon, Lasttime4me, jessone, Singinglass, GonnaBeHot, catesbit, dakotastyle, caymansky, mzpretty, DramaQueen, farrah, champ … the list goes on.

Is it because you don’t believe what has been exposed? Is it because you feel sorry for her? Is it because you can relate to her?

Here is your opportunity to defend Heidi Diaz to the world. Anyone willing to defend her out here – outside of the safety of Kimkins? Post as yourself or make up another name – it doesn’t matter.

Your words won’t be tampered with and you can always reference back to this blog if you believe you are being misquoted.

I’m simply asking that you help us understand your point of view.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Keeping Your Eyes Fixed on the Prize

I received an anonymous comment on my blog that expressed a desire to send a message to all of us who are choosing to align ourselves against the evil that is personified in the person known as Heidi Diaz, and the crimes she has chosen to perpetrate against others.

This day is an important one for Heidi, in so much as a court of law this day is scheduled to determine whether or not her assets will remain frozen until the outcome of the class action lawsuit, to which she is a party, has been established.

Heidi Diaz has built for herself a house of cards, which will eventually come tumbling down around her. It is through the efforts of many that Heidi Diaz has been exposed as a fraud. I am amazed that there are those who would choose to ignore all of the facts that support that charge and grasp on to Ms. Diaz as if she was their last hope in this battle of weight that is being waged within the skin of their own bodies. People willing to risk their health by following her dangerous eating plan, willing to risk the health of their family’s financial future by entrusting her with their financial information (in the form of checks and credit card numbers), willing to risk their own emotional futures by allowing her to bend and warp their thought processes in order to satisfy her own sick, insatiable desire to elevate her own esteem by destroying the self esteem of others. I will be spending some time in the near future exploring the question of why people would choose Heidi Diaz over their own well being.

But for today, back to the message I received.

I have been asked to pass on the heart felt message that the Ducks are doing a good work. To not lose hope. To not let differing opinions or perspectives of the minor side issues disrupt the unity of the bigger cause. That airing those differences is healthy and often necessary, but rejoining forces is also necessary. I was also directed to this inspirational eulogy, delivered at the funeral of Bobby Kennedy, by his brother, Ted. I rarely agree with Ted Kennedy, but in this case I find much common ground. It goes right to the heart of Prudentia – one man does make a difference. I hope you find this as inspiring as I have. And thank you poster, for this.

As for those with whom I fight this battle, despite any differences, I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with each and every one of you, making not only a ripple, but a tidal wave that will soon overtake the likes of Heidi Diaz and others like her who would set their sites on the vulnerabilities of our fellow man. May we not grow weary.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

May Martina’s Martini Rest in Peace

I am going to say very little about this. I’ll be happy to post your comments, but I will not respond to any questions unless directed to me by John.

Martina’s Martini was a real person. That person felt they had information to share that is pertinent to this case, but had reasons for wanting to stay hidden. That caused them to post in ways that seemed cryptic to most of us – as happens any time any of us is trying to share something without coming right out and saying it. Martina’s Martini felt to do so would put both themselves and another person at risk, so they chose to do things their way. Whether or not their fears were justified is not ours to judge.

I have had an ongoing conversation with this person over a great part of the day. In my opinion (and take that for what it is worth to you) I believe this person is sincere and the genuine article. I have taken the information they had to share and have passed it on to John Teidt. It is now up to John to determine if it is something he should act upon. I also believe this person did not come looking for all this mess we have become so fond of, rather it found them, and in it’s own way has opened up lots of wounds. I sincerely hope they close back up easily and the person we know as Martina’s Martini can get back to their life.

Just as I tried to express that sometimes it is better to hear a person out all the way before concluding they are simply out to stir up trouble, I now encourage you to trust that John has this information and will act on it. Curiosity is a healthy thing, but there is honestly nothing left here to see folks.

One question I have been asked that I will try to answer now: How did I know to post the Friendly Fire blog post in the first place? I don’t know, frankly. Only that I believe in the Hand of Providence and that it tapped me on the shoulder and told me to listen up. I obeyed.

May we all be able to listen to the next person with an ear open to the heavens.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Stop the Fratricide! A Case of Friendly Fire ...

With truth comes power. The power to free the oppressed. The power to correct an injustice. The power to inflict mortal wounds.

The quest for truth is a worthy pursuit, but comes with a great responsibility to exercise caution – to be mindful at all times of the innocent bystanders in our midst. We also have a responsibility to protect those who would desire to help in whatever way they can, but who have to balance that cooperation with the risk of exposure to either a real or perceived enemy.

In recent days I have witnessed a case of friendly fire – the wounding of a person who was simply trying to lend aid to the cause of taking down Kimkins and Heidi Diaz in the only way they knew how. This person feared detection and so they attempted to communicate in a cryptic and at times a seemingly nonsensical fashion. All such attempts are met with a measure of skepticism initially. That is only prudent. After all, this is a tale of intrigue, deception, impersonation … The stakes are far too high to simply accept all newcomers claiming to hold one of the keys to this puzzle at face value. However, not only wisdom, but simple compassion dictates how we respond to such messengers, particularly in the public eye. Well meaning people can and have been hurt by the reckless disregard of some of those intent on seeing this fiasco to its conclusion. A basic tenet that I learned while training to be an emergency care provider would serve us well here … First, do no harm.

In this particular case, a genuine and viable asset has likely been driven completely away. We must entertain the real possibility that this person does indeed have information that could have a major impact on the final outcome of this proceeding.

To the individual who presented themselves recently as Martina’s Martini on the Fascination with Kimmer threads within the Low Carb Friends forum, I offer a sincere apology for any unfounded accusations that may have been leveled in your direction by some of those intensely focused on this particular quest. These are good people who, at times, get a bit caught up in the moment. But friendly fire, regardless of the intention, is never justified. We simply must stop the fratricide if we are to distinguish ourselves from those whom we oppose.

Fellow searchers, please exercise wisdom while pursuing leads, whether the subject is Kimkins or the Magic Chicken Diet or the next scam down the line. Speculation with a basis in facts, even if limited, is far different than arrows simply shot in the dark. Words do wound. And those words espoused on the internet will live on for a lifetime.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is It Fair To Question Bonnie's Business Ethics?

While observing the latest insane blog entries and postings surrounding the Magic Chicken Diet, I have begun to consider the words of the diet’s promoter, Bonnie Luper, and her husband, David, in a bit of a different light. Bonnie has stated in numerous places that she is a Christian. She has also said that she believes that God himself directed her to share with the world (after they paid a fee, of course) just how she lost all of her weight. While the public at large may find humor in that claim, there are those of us that take invoking the name of the Lord quite seriously. I believe Bonnie is counting on that. What, perhaps she wasn’t counting on, is many of us also consider it equally serious just what we do attempt to claim as the Lord’s business, so to speak.

I began contemplating just how we, as Christians, are to conduct business in the marketplace. Are we held to a higher standard? Is that standard man’s standard or God’s standard?

Let me say, right out of the gate, that I do believe Christians are held to a higher standard, and rightfully so. I believe that standard is set for us by God, clearly laid out in Scripture. God is God all the time, in all areas of our lives, including while we are practicing our vocation. He sees all, He hears all, He judges all.

A very good resource for guidance in this area is offered by Chris Forbes, the founder of Ministry Marketing Coach. One statement that he made really resonates with me, and while it is directly speaking of the advertising tactics of churches, I believe it also applies to the advertising tactics of individual Christians engaged in business and courting the Christian market.

“Some churches, it seems, are more likely to ask “What would Machiavelli Do“ than What Would Jesus Do?. They tend to function as though the end justifies the means when it comes to marketing. Their Machiavellian tactics lead them to feel justified in misleading people, stealing other’s property, tricking people and manipulating them psychologically.”

So, what does any of this have to do with the Magic Chicken Diet? Plenty. This is a web based business which revolves around the claims that the founder – Bonnie Luper – lost an incredible amount of weight after creating her own eating plan. There is actually nothing new about Bonnie’s eating plan. A quick Google search turns up any number of diets revolving around the use of chicken: The Chicken Soup Diet (a small breakfast, then chicken soup for the rest of the day), The Chicken Diet (basically replacing beef in your diet with chicken) – in fact, chicken is a mainstay in pretty much any diet program out there. It is quite healthy, actually. Maybe Bonnie believes that what makes HER chicken diet proprietary is just that right combination of chicken and sugar free (or diet, as she calls it) Jell-O. Who knows? The fact remains, though, that the actual eating plan that she puts forth is not really “magical” at all.

Does Bonnie, as a Christian using that information as a benefit of doing business with her, have an obligation to market her diet website any differently than any of the other multitudes of hucksters out there? I believe she does. If she wants to invite people to join her for support, and pay for that privilege, then go for it, girl! Instead, she is baiting people to part with their hard earned money to find out her “secret”, which isn’t so secret after all. She misleads people to believe that she has that key to weight loss that so many have been searching for to no avail.

Perhaps her secret is in the self talk she gives herself, or sniffing food that tempts her. Maybe it’s giving away her “fat” clothes as she grows out of them, or wrestling her mind for control over her own body. Whatever works for her – more power to her. For her sake I do hope that those things are enough for her to actually maintain her short lived loss. Like most folks, she is likely to discover that once she starts to increase her calories to nourish her body the way it will start screaming to be nourished, she will rapidly regain the weight. Unfortunately that is a side effect of a very low calorie, low carbohydrate diet. But, I digress. That is not the focus of this blog entry.

Bonnie has a responsibility to deal with us in a fair, honest and accurate manner when marketing her website, and I, as one in a growing number of people, do not believe she is doing so. In the real world there is a word for that. Fraud.

And before you start to cry “Fowl!”, Bonnie, because other people may have taken what you believe to be yours, remember that YOU are the one who is claiming the name of Christ in your business. YOU are held to a higher standard. YOU are to be the example. There is a great irony for someone to complain that their diet secrets have been somehow violated when they (I’m talking about YOU now) began their venture by requesting someone clone another business’s website – a business that closely resembles your own. That is, quite simply, stealing. Unless, of course, you had the consent of that website’s owner. (Please feel free to clear the air right here in this blog by commenting.)

Beyond that, though, is something far more troubling with this entire situation. The responses that Bonnie has made, or others have made on her behalf, have been filled with virulence. Much of the ranting, for instance, on the site, written, presumably by her husband, David, have bordered on vulgarity. So have many comments posted and left in view on their Stoney Creek Candles website.

Here are a couple of examples of what I’m talking about:

Why Bonnie Why….
Why don’t you give up this insanity of your slim body because you surely can’t be happy in that different figure you now have. You are a 50 year old grandma, so act like it. You are supposed to be waiting on your husband. Diets are so faddish. You start your insurance job Monday and you are going to be miserable there. There is nothing fun with being a slim old lady, 50 yr old grandma at that and sitting in some stuffy insurance complex building. You will be bored to death. That is so selfish of you. Think about it and listen to me. You’ve gotten so slim and fancy and you are a bad person for doing that chicken diet in the first place. Google the Internet and listen to these good people talk. They are all trying to help you and bring you back to your senses. They are talking about you because they really care about you and your husband does to. Remember when I played with our stoney creek candle site and messed it up and all that they have said about me. Well they are right and it was for my own good. What right do I have fooling with Stoney Creek Candle website. I must be a moron to play with websites at 55 years old. And guess what else I have learned from these loving and caring people on the Internet. It is against the law to put that Google adsense stuff on a fat people website. Fifty-five year old men should never be fascinated with the Internet because one of them knows as they said he is a moron. Like to shake his hand. Remember: Fat Rules
David Luper 817-238-8852
no guarantee that I can help guys, sorry

Goody Bags for Our Young Brave Troops but…
At it again huh! Somethings Up. We can smell a rat. Bonnie and her sister Wanda have just loaded up a bunch of goodies from some of Stoney Creek Candle business customers to send to our very brave young men and women overseas that have volunteered themselves for our country. Mostly razors, shaving cream, soap and even some lotions for the brave young women. Afterwards they are going to service some candle accounts. It never fails though that this mean ol Bonnie girl will run into one of her old friends (it nearly never fails) while servicing the routes and they don’t even recognize her. That is Bad Bad Bad we have to put a stop to this now.
NEWS FLASH: I think while Bonnie and her sister Wanda were getting ready to go to Wanda’s church to deliver the goody bag to send to our troops I believe they maybe fell in that nasty chicken pooh I was able to get these girls DL#’s and SSN’s. Here they are Bonnies 1st: ######## and Wanda’s ########. If this is illegible or hard to read then just F### it as we will make up a boat load of stuff on them. That slim trim terrible Bonnie especially. How dare her to do that to her body. Who’s body does she think it belongs to? Her maybe? Huh…
PS: Sorry guys but I can’t post the number anymore. I have had a number of calls and if any of you guys try to set your wife straight then just make sure that there is no woman around by the name of Sandy Lipton. She gave me what for up one side and down the other. Fat Women Rule….. they so fluffy and hey if there are any guys out there just remember we have got to stick together. And a double ps don’t tell yucky about this as I believe she is the ring leader and she will really be HOT! (concealment of numerical data was done by the original author)

So, I read this garbage, then, lo and behold I find an advertisement for The Magic Chicken Diet, in, of all places, the Christian Business Directory. As a Christian that depends on this publication locally, I was appalled to see that such a reputable organization was inadvertently being used by people who want the benefit of the Christian purchasing block, without feeling the obligation to conduct themselves accordingly.

I promise, Lupers, that I will object to each and every such advertising attempt that I come across for any company you choose to operate as long as you show a propensity to participate or support such derogatory language and innuendo, and for as long as you continue to display the habit of threatening legal action with those who have the nerve to complain about your business practices. If we Christians around the world are not willing to stand up and hold our own accountable then we deserve the ridicule of the world for our conduct.

Nothing torques my nut worse than someone using the name of my beloved Savior, to further themselves at the expense of others. Such behavior makes a bad witness for the cause of Christ.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Update on the Kimkins Lawsuit

In the interest of making the latest news available to all interested parties, including those who may not frequent the Low Carb Friends forums - the Fascination With Kimmer threads in particular - I am, with the full permission of Christin, reprinting here the latest update she has provided us on the status of the Kimkins lawsuit. This information is a result of the recent depositions of Heidi Diaz and Brandon Diaz, as well as investigations into this matter by John Teidt, his staff and others.

"Good morning! I know that many (ok so most ) have been anxious for an update from John. I spoke with him and this is what he has shared so far. Some of this is already known, and just restated for clarification and to keep the timeline and discoveries coordinating.

1) We have now officially taken 2 depositions of Heidi Diaz and 1 deposition of Brandon Diaz. Brandon claims to know nothing.

2) We have learned that while Heidi was profiting from the Woman's World surge et al, she was still accepting payments from SSDI and Medicare.

3) She is still currently making money and still in business, however we have acquired new information that affirms the belief towards her concealment of assets.

4) We have uncovered evidence of more fraud and false advertising.

5) Brain Pugh is a non-attorney who formed Sharp Plumbing LLC, Halcyon Web Design, LLC and the Beauchamp Trust. He is also an employee of Bert Cottle, counsel of record for Heidi Diaz.

6) Cottle has filed a frivolous demurrer, which John is confident will fail... they are attempting to also set aside the writ, and John is optimistic on that as well, but the motion to set aside the right to attach order is totally up to the judge.

This is all that he has given us right now, he is still working on a public statement which we hope will be very informative. Keep your eyes open for that coming soon! Have a wonderful weekend, and keep pulling those weeds .


Christin, thank you for taking the time to keep us informed.

If any of you reading this blog purchased a membership to the Kimkims diet website and have not joined the class action lawsuit against Heidi Diaz, I encourage you to do so. You do not have to have actually followed the plan - regardless of the reason why you didn't. If you did follow the plan, even if you lost weight and had no side effects, you are eligible to join the lawsuit. Please follow the link to the left of my blog entries entitled "Join The Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit" for more information.

If any of you reading this blog never purchased a membership to the Kimkins diet website but would still like to assist in bring a scammer to justice, please follow the link to the left of my blog entries entitled "Be A Consumer Activist - Help Take Down Kimkins" for more information.

If any of you reading this blog are considering joining Kimkins, believing that nothing else will work for you, praying that this really is the answer for you, please follow the link to the left of my blog entries entitled "Kimkins Survivors" for more information. I warn you, have a tissue handy. The true stories told there are heart wrenching. Once you've read those, there are multiple other links on that site for you to click and read. If you are going to be making a decision that will affect the rest of your life, please make a fully informed one.

You may also click on the links provided at the bottom of my blog entitled "Say NO To Kimkins" which will move you through the Just Say NO To Kimkins web ring.

Anyone reading this blog that would like more information but hesitate, for whatever reason to follow the above referenced links, please simply leave a comment on this blog. Be sure and provide your email address and I will be certain that some contacts you directly to personally answer whatever question you may have. Email address will not be published on my blog.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

What Do These Two Dieters Have In Common?

Dieter A:
B: 4 oz grilled turkey breast
S: 1 oz chicken and sugar free Jell-O
L: Sonic Grilled Chicken Salad – I ate the whole thing!
S: 1 oz chicken
D: Gorton’s Baked Fish Fillet, 1 cup broccoli
S: Sugar free Jell-O

Dieter B:
B: 2 Jimmie Dean Turkey Sausage, 1 boiled egg, Large cup of Black Coffee w/2 splenda packets
L: 2 ounces of Ground Chicken with lite Salsa ( Shellless taco's w/ no veggies)
Dr: 2 Ounce Chicken Breast and Boiled egg
S: 2 slices Turkey Bacon

Both of these dieters are following very low carbohydrate, low calorie diets. In fact, both dieters’ menus are under 750 calories. Both of these diets are internet based diet programs, available to “members” only for a one-time fee … one for $69.95, and the other for $79.95. In the case of both of these diets you are not “allowed” to view their diet guidelines before you pay your non-refundable (according to their Terms of Service statement ) membership fee.

Diet A: Diet guidelines say to try to keep calories between 800 and 1,200 calories per day.

Diet B: Diet website recommends a minimum of 800 calories.

Dieter B weighs 287 pounds. At that weight, her basic metabolic rate is around 1700 calories. Multiple medical sources recommend that your calories never drop below 1,200 for a female and 1,800 for a male, and even those numbers are considered low. As you can clearly see, either one of these diets is dangerously deficient, particularly for someone who is carrying around additional weight – which likely anyone initially participating in either one of these diet programs would be.

Are these just a couple of renegade dieters? I think not, but let’s see ---

Dieter A is ficticious – this daily menu is directly from the suggested menu offered by the developer of the diet. Hmm. Now, isn’t that a somethin’?

Dieter B – you be the judge. Below are several examples of daily menus of real dieters from that diet’s website. Interestingly enough, even though the developer of Diet B is currently in litigation and under investigation for fraudulent advertising and promoting a dangerous diet, she hasn’t stepped in to suggest these dieters should increase their caloric intake.

Anyway, let’s see – and please note, no two of these menus are posted by the same dieter and are from various threads.

Dieter C:
B-2 slices of turkey bacon
L- small bowl of boiled shrimp cooked in garlic
D-3oz Steak tip

Dieter D:
B-shake coffee
L-shake water
Do- turkey

Dieter E:
B: 2 pickled eggs, hot tea with one Sweet N Low
L: 2 ounces of chicken in FF mushroom gravy with extra mushrooms, salad with low cal dressing, and water
S: One piece of sugar free gum; a couple nuts (meaning only 3 or 4)
D: Roast beef from Arby's (on the road - ordered a sandwich and only ate the meat)

Dieter F:
B: 1 deviled egg
L: 1 shake
D: 4 oz of tilapia with lemon and herb and 1 half of a deviled egg.

Dieter G:
B coffee 2 hard boiled eggs
L chicken and a salad
D 2 hamburgers no bun nothing on them

Dieter H:
2 cups broth w/one egg in it
1 chicken breast.
1 diet coke w/splenda and water.

The other thing ALL of these dieters have in common is that they all feel desperate enough about their weight situation that they are willing to set aside all medical and scientific evidence to the contrary and believe these woman that these diets are safe. They are willing to disregard the clear, undisputable fact that neither of these woman have any medical or scientific training, have no expertise in the field of nutrition, have no experience beyond their own weight loss journeys – and one of them can’t even claim that!

These diets are unhealthy at best, and may well be considered dangerous if followed for any length of time. Promotion of these diets should be considered criminal.

Dieters, my heart breaks for you. I only wish I knew the words that could help you see how much you are risking by following these plans.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How Much Is Enough For Children?

This recent post appeared on a thread within the Kimkins website. Please note that the identity of the poster has been omitted – intentionally. My purpose here is not to embarrass the individual poster, but to demonstrate the type of thinking that enters the minds of some of those predisposed to acceptance of the diet gospel according to Kimmer, and the total lack of regard that Kimmer/Heidi Diaz apparently has for the well being of her paying guests as demonstrated in the absence of reaction to the risks this mother is exposing her child to.

You’ve had the disclaimer now on to the unedited post (bolding is mine):

“Good morning everyone! Glade to see so many here love it! Breakfast for me is 2 boiled eggs and 2 slices of bacon. Lunch is sundried tomato sausages, coffee black. Taking multi vitamin and lots of water. I workout for an hour every day during the wekk with strength training and yoga as I teach yoga classes and my son helps me teach yoga classes for kids 7-12. Don't know what dinner is be my son wants to do low carb with me is that ok? He only 6 but my husband brings home alot of crap , junk food so I'm going to sneak in some low carb food for him without him knowing, starting with that great cheese cake recipe. Have a wonderful day my friends and I'll be rooting for ya, be well!”

Remember that the Kimkins diet advocates either about a 500 calorie a day diet or 800 calorie a day diet, depending on whether you believe the stated number (the later) or the math based on the posted guidelines (the former). Either way, most parents realize on the surface that such a suppressed caloric intake for a child is risky, at best.

Dear poster, since Heidi Diaz did not deem it appropriate to answer your question, I will attempt to give you some direction here. Using the Child’s Energy Needs Calculator, along with published children’s growth charts that take into consideration not only the height and weight of your child, but also the age, sex and ethnicity, I offer you the following:

A 6 year old white boy, 50% in both height and weight, of low activity (spends most of his free time sitting) requires an estimated 1656 calories per day. Heavier kids need more calories just to sustain normal development. (That child weighs about 48 pounds and is about 45” tall.)

Here are the links to the charts and calculators that I used so you can easily find out for yourself what YOUR child needs.

Child’s Energy Needs Calculator:
Children’s Growth Charts (factor in age, sex, race)

There is NO version of Kimkins that will provide anywhere near the amount of energy, in the form of calories that your 6 year old child needs. Is low carbing safe for children? If you mean following a low carbohydrate diet for the purpose of losing weight, the answer is most probably no. Actually, there is no “diet” that is safe for a 6 year old. If you mean can you safely reduce the level of carbohydrates found in the form of junk food, over processed grain products and chewy rubber that passes for fruit from the diet of your child, most assuredly you can – and you’d be wise to do so. But kids do require the nutrients of every food group for proper development.

I understand the irony that my child can easily eat twice the amount of food that I can and stay slim while I add weight like I’m the barbell at the local gym. But kids’ nutritional needs are far different from ours. All of their systems are still developing. Malnutrition in a child can lead to mental and physical developmental delays, or irreversible damage. Malnutrition has also been linked to anti-social and aggressive behavior in kids.

Please don’t risk you child’s life and well-being. Kimmer doesn’t care about him. She cares about HER bank account. And right now she is trying to save her hiney as she is facing scrutiny by the legal system. If the choice is saving her skin and personal assets or saving your child, she has shown time and again that she will sacrifice anything or anybody to protect what she considers hers.

The diet program known as Kimkins is a figment of her imagination. It “sounds” good to her, so she advocates it, even though she, herself, has NEVER been able to lose weight or follow the eating plan that you are considering allowing your 6 year old child to follow. She comes down on the side of saving her own face even when people she supposedly had bonded with and cares about are getting sick and suffering side effects all around her. And remember, Kimmer/Heidi Diaz has not suffered the side effects of her diet program because she has not followed it!

Please, please … don’t foster an eating disorder in your son. Don’t saddle him with being obsessed with “thin” at such a young age. Offer him healthy food choices from all food groups. Teach him to eat to live, not live to eat. Especially as a homeschooler, he will emulate you, even more than his dad. Teach him to NOT have food issues, such as you yourself have (if you didn’t have issues with food, you would not be a member of Kimkins to start with). Children who live with parents who are preoccupied with dieting and openly express a dislike for their own bodies are at risk. For more on this topic, this article is a good place to start:

The Birth of the Consumer Activist

In the 1880s a gentleman by the name of Harvey W. Wiley began what was to become an incredible 50-year crusade for pure foods. At that time in our history, the food industry was largely unregulated, and it was common practice for manufacturers to tamper with product ingredients, exchanging what was claimed on the label with substandard and sometimes dangerous alternatives, all in the name of profit.

Mr. Wiley also advanced many positions that were deemed quite undesirable at the time. For instance, in 1927 he expressed concern that tobacco use was dangerous and he suspected that it promoted cancer. He exposed many companies for their fraudulent practices.

For all of his efforts, Mr. Wiley became the target of much ridicule and concerted efforts to squelch him. Lobbyists were raised up who successfully killed many of the bills he managed to get introduced into Congress on behalf of the American Consumer. But the work that Mr. Wiley began so many years ago, and his coupling with Good Housekeeping has resulted in many positive changes in the food industry.

My reason for bringing Harvey Wiley to your attention in this blog is to also introduce him to you as the man known as the Pioneer of Consumer Activism.

Over the last several months a controversy known as the Kimkins diet scam has been raging. Thanks to a dedicated group of individuals, the Kimkins diet program, as well as the founder, Heidi Diaz, has been irrefutably proven to be fraudulent. I will be writing much more about many aspects of this fraud in the immediate future.

This blog will join in the line of bloggers dedicated to informing the public of this dangerous fraud, as well as exposing the corruption that is part and parcel of Heidi Diaz. Additionally, I will be looking at the questions of what, exactly, is a Consumer Activist, what right do any of us have to call into question the motives or sound ideas/practices of any person or company in our free enterprise system, and why is it important for us, as free citizens, to do so.

This blog is a quest … a quest for truth – ricerca di verita. Frankly, I’m tired of being lied to, misled and made a fool of by anyone who chooses to hang out a shingle, put themselves out as an expert worth being compensated for some feigned area of expertise, and lashed out at for attempting to learn the truth. And, since the weight issue is one of my issues, I’m going to start there.

I hope you will join with me.