Monday, November 3, 2008

Game On, Heidi. Game. On.

A response has been received by John Tiedt, the attorney representing the plaintiff's class action against Heidi Diaz, from her attorney, Bert Cottle, in reference to the status of the cross-complaint (the SLAPP suit) filed by Heidi Diaz.

First, this is a direct statement from John, which he has asked me to share with you all:

“The cross complaint filed by Bert Cottle was designed to intimidate the plaintiff’s witnesses. We intend to file a motion to strike and seek monetary sanctions against Ms. Diaz and Mr. Cottle.”

In addition to the above, I have talked to John and we are setting up a defense fund to help defray the filing fees and costs that will now begin to accumulate in this matter. If you are interested in contributing to this fund, you may do the following:

Checks or money orders: Make payable to Tiedt & Hurd Trust Account

Mail to: Tiedt & Hurd Trust Account
c/o Barb Lewis, The Witness Intimidation Fund
980 Montecito Drive, Suite 209
Corona, CA 92879

Credit or Debit Card: call Barb Lewis at 951-549-9400

Folks, I have every confidence that John is going to prevail in these matters. He is very active right now in drafting the certification brief, as well as the details of the SLAPP suit. Remember, all, to stand firm and stand tall. We are on the side of the truth. I am so proud to stand with people willing to stand up to the likes of Heidi Diaz.