Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Important Lawsuit Information

Edited to add: Several folks have asked if they had to have joined Kimkins to be able to help with this. The answer is NO! If you were simply on the Low Carb Friends board and saw her building her fake life in real-time then you can help! Contact me if you have any questions! Thanks, folks! Let's all join together in giving Heidi one great, big SMACK!

Dear Fellow Crusaders,

John is working diligently on the Certification Brief for the class action lawsuit against Heidi Diaz and Kimkins. The following is the information we are pulling together for him as he is finalizing the brief. If you can provide any of this information, please forward it either to, or to If you are concerned about becoming involved, please contact me and I will be able to discuss this further with you.

1. We are compiling a list of people who saw the person known as Kimmer, including the avatar of herself, on the Low Carb Friends board during the actual period of time she was there – during 2002 through mid 2006. You can simply send an email stating that you saw her and your name will be added to that list.
2. We are looking for more persons who dealt with Heidi while she was impersonating a consumer simply promoting the diet. For example, people who became involved in her free clothing give away. Particularly people who dealt with her as
3. We are looking for advertisements clearly stating that she was offering a life-time membership. These can be from between the dates of February 2006 and October 2007.
4. Heidi stated in advertisements that her diet is good for persons with Type II Diabetes. We are looking for people who read that advertisement and joined Kimkins based upon that claim.
5. We are compiling a list of those who have been banned from the Kimkins site. Please include whether or not you are “super banned” or if you can still access the front page but not the boards and membership only areas.

Again, please forward these items to or so that we can compile the replies and sort out duplicates. Thank you very much for your assistance in these matters.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Game On, Heidi. Game. On.

A response has been received by John Tiedt, the attorney representing the plaintiff's class action against Heidi Diaz, from her attorney, Bert Cottle, in reference to the status of the cross-complaint (the SLAPP suit) filed by Heidi Diaz.

First, this is a direct statement from John, which he has asked me to share with you all:

“The cross complaint filed by Bert Cottle was designed to intimidate the plaintiff’s witnesses. We intend to file a motion to strike and seek monetary sanctions against Ms. Diaz and Mr. Cottle.”

In addition to the above, I have talked to John and we are setting up a defense fund to help defray the filing fees and costs that will now begin to accumulate in this matter. If you are interested in contributing to this fund, you may do the following:

Checks or money orders: Make payable to Tiedt & Hurd Trust Account

Mail to: Tiedt & Hurd Trust Account
c/o Barb Lewis, The Witness Intimidation Fund
980 Montecito Drive, Suite 209
Corona, CA 92879

Credit or Debit Card: call Barb Lewis at 951-549-9400

Folks, I have every confidence that John is going to prevail in these matters. He is very active right now in drafting the certification brief, as well as the details of the SLAPP suit. Remember, all, to stand firm and stand tall. We are on the side of the truth. I am so proud to stand with people willing to stand up to the likes of Heidi Diaz.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye for 40,000 Victims

I thank God in heaven that I never joined Kimkins, never followed Kimmer, never thought she was my friend, never believed she held the answer to my years long struggle with weight and eating issues. I never experienced the friendship - well, it appeared to be friendship. That sounds so odd, knowing that Kimmer never really existed. The betrayal that must come from knowing that someone you "talked" to every single day turned out to be nothing more than the seed flower of a dandelion that blows away with a strong wind. No, worse than that. Turned out to be an evil spirited sociopath who reveled in the struggling you endured trying to be all that she led you to believe she was.

I never experienced the camaraderie of the forums on the Kimkins board. Never grew those particular friendships. Never shared my secrets, my hopes, my fears, my failures and my successes with that particular group of people - only to have them willing to trade what I valued so highly - our friendship - for another lost pound on the scale because they weren't or aren't ready to accept that they, too, fell prey to this monster.

I've watched many people I've come to know, respect and care for walk through the normal grieving process, working hard to stand back up and believe once again that they CAN succeed, CAN trust, that it IS worth it.

I don't know if Heidi reads my blog or not. I truly don't believe she has a conscious to prick. She likely won't "get" this. But to those of you who have been harmed through this, I hope, if you aren't there already, that you are close to being able to let go of the dream of what it never really was but should have been, and embrace your today with hope, peace and surrounded by love.