Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why Do YOU Support Heidi Diaz, aka Kimmer?

Well, Heidi – how you continue to garner support among any group of people is beyond my comprehension. As an ardent student of human nature I would really like to understand. So, I’m offering you an opportunity. I’m quite sure that your attorney has repeatedly told you not to make any statements which can be used against you, so never in a million years would I expect you, personally, to enter into any sort of dialog about this. What I am proposing, then, is to provide an opportunity for those who follow you to share their why. Not why Kimkins, the diet. Rather why, Kimmer, the diet leader. Not how you found Kimkins, but why, in spite of all that has come out, are you willing to trust Heidi Diaz? What inside you outweighs the evidence that proves she is a master at deceiving people?

I’d like to hear from those who have been following her for awhile, and those who are brand new.

Why, after everything that has been exposed about Kimmer would you continue to follow and support her?

Why, after everything that has been exposed about Kimmer would you decide to join her website and follow her eating plan anyway?

People like erinrn, grantoangels, jnlisfatnomore, tasjon, Lasttime4me, jessone, Singinglass, GonnaBeHot, catesbit, dakotastyle, caymansky, mzpretty, DramaQueen, farrah, champ … the list goes on.

Is it because you don’t believe what has been exposed? Is it because you feel sorry for her? Is it because you can relate to her?

Here is your opportunity to defend Heidi Diaz to the world. Anyone willing to defend her out here – outside of the safety of Kimkins? Post as yourself or make up another name – it doesn’t matter.

Your words won’t be tampered with and you can always reference back to this blog if you believe you are being misquoted.

I’m simply asking that you help us understand your point of view.