Friday, July 25, 2008

A Message for Mayberryfan … Imagine

Sigh. I have intentionally ignored this entire situation because it just hasn’t been worthy of a response, nor worthy of the time it takes away from the real things I have going on. But, alas, now I must respond.

Imagine, if you would, a certain lawsuit principal receiving a private message asking her if she was aware of how her ex-husband happened to stick his nose into the whole KK mess, and how she would be very unhappy if she did know.

Now, imagine that principal receiving an email telling her that this blogger, as well as the Yucky blogger and the Medusa blogger had actually initiated contact with that same ex-husband while investigating HER (the principal). Imagine, just for a moment, that principal did not know this blogger he had dialoged with nor was she fully aware of all contacts this blogger had with her ex-husband in real-time. Imagine all she knew was that he tried to intimidate her and manipulate the people in this matter to meet his own ends. Imagine that lawsuit principal being told that this same ex-husband, whom at one time she actually feared, had likely been given personal information about her by these bloggers.

Imagine that this lawsuit principal had not been aware of her ex-husband’s real agenda in the whole affair, and imagine that her legal business with him had not come to the conclusion they both had sought and that the door to her relationship with him had not been closed forever. Imagine that he still wants something from her.

Can you imagine the fear that could potentially have gripped her heart? Can you imagine the angst and anger that would have boiled up in her, directed at these three bloggers who had intentionally contacted this man who held such a painful position in her past? Can you imagine how that fear might have driven her into hiding - and right OUT of the lawsuit?

Luckily for this particular lawsuit principal she DOES know this blogger. She DOES know all of the circumstances surrounding her ex-husband’s interjection into this whole affair. She is NOT any longer afraid of him. And she also knows that the lead attorney in the class action lawsuit of which she is a principal was fully apprised of the situation AS IT UNFOLDED, including the true identity of the blogger involved.

Mayberryfan, enough is enough. The fact you involved an innocent party in your vendetta speaks volumes about you. When you posted on various message boards, impersonating Kimmer, you likely crossed a legal line. This time you are really close to intimidating a witness. I HAVE the emails you sent to this particular lawsuit principal. I also have her replies. Other lawsuit principals have been alerted to this tactic that you now seem intent on employing. Your lies and manipulations are going to do nothing but continue to backfire on you. Your reputation is shot. Do you really believe anyone can trust you after what you have done, and continue to do? If they do, they certainly do so at their own risk. You not only tried to scare the wits out of this particular principal, you told bold face lies in your attempt to do so. I must say, reading that email made me immediately think of Heidi and how she so coolly and easily twists the truth and outright fabricates scenarios to suit her purpose.

You didn't lie? Well, here are just a few examples, all of which you can find in your own copies of those emails:

You have NOT left the Fascinated board. You log on there almost every single day.

The matter of Yucky’s blog post and conversations with Christin on her blog - that was not the result of any great investigation. It was a matter of public knowledge. On top of that, it wasn’t Christin’s fundraiser, it was Jimmy Moore’s for her benefit. And she wasn’t trying to put together the cruise. She was promoting the cruise that IS going to happen, btw (for more information, please check here.

Martina’s Martini showed up on the scene before any of us on LCF or anywhere for that matter were even aware this lawsuit principal HAD an ex-husband. Lucky for me this has all been established unequivocally. In fact, I learned who Martina’s Martini was from John T, via one of the other lawsuit principals. Too bad you didn’t believe Kat. She told you the truth. I guess she must be part of this big reckless pursuit of anyone even remotely connected to the Kimkins scandal, as you say.

You couldn’t possibly be referring to your own public treatment and ‘investigation” into the Luper family, or Sam Redman, could you? Oh, of course not. Calling people scammers and pedophiles without anything to substantiate those claims doesn’t count, right? There are others. Would you like me to point you to your own comments to prove my point?

The disagreement I had with you had nothing to do with Martina’s Martini showing up on the scene. It had to do with your public chastising of Yucky for her questioning of Christin and her motives - long after Martina’s Martini had faded into distant memory. It had to do with you being a hypocrite. It had to do with the fact that you have shouted down countless people on the FWK threads, you have slandered people way beyond the scope of any “investigation” or legitimate questioning as to whether they have any connection to the KK matter. And yet you had the unmitigated gall to call out Yucky for asking sincere questions. Those questions, by the way, lead to REAL dialog and a true friendship being forged between her and Christin. That must just torment you.

In fact, the big brouhaha, as you called it, that you “left” Fascinated over had to do with a post that you swear I plagiarized of someone you happen to call a friend (who’s pleas to let this drop you have simply refused to honor, in true friend fashion of course). Do you not see the hypocrisy, once again? The post that I “stole” was “stolen” from Kimkins.con. It wasn’t your friend’s, nor her “mole’s” property to start with. So you have been busy trying to discredit me for stealing stolen material. I’m not real sure why you don’t GET THAT. Oh, and the little so many hours and minutes ago tags at the top of those posts? They are put there by the Kimkins.con server, not your friend. And for the record, your friend NEVER attempted to contact me in regards to this matter. Nor did anyone else, for that matter. Your cryptic comment on my blog was just too clever. I didn’t get it.

You seem to reserve your ire over “copying” material for special circumstances, eh? Only those cases that don’t involve one of your favorite personalities. To quote someone I read recently, “Geez, there are some real nit-pickers in this world.” Oh, I guess that was you.

Oh, and I can’t speak for Medusa or Yucky, but I’ll tell you what I told Sam Redman. I’m not interested in writing a book about all this, though I do think it would be an interesting read.

You want to expose my identity? Go for it. If it is all that important to you, try. Of course, you will have to prove it, too. And Lord help you if you are wrong. But before you do, ask yourself this question: Just who, besides Heidi, would benefit from knowing that information? If helping Heidi doesn’t matter to you - or is your goal - then you just go for it.

Whose side are you on in this matter, anyway? From where I sit, it looks like you are on YOUR side.

For the sake of this lawsuit - STOP.


Yucky said...

Unfreakingbelievable. I'll be back later to post a REAL comment and some info I found.

{{Pru and Trista}} As John Wayne once said, Don't let the bastards get ya down.

Yucky said...

At her blog, dated the 18th of July -- one week ago, mind you -- Mayberry says "... let it go."

"... I will take your word that Prue is a good person."

"... In PM's to you and on your board, I have said that there are no hard feelings. It's time to let this go."

"... Thanks again and let's let this go, okay?"

Those comments by Mayberry are dated "July 18, 2008 8:38 AM"

And now we find out that she did NOT "let this go". Instead, she contacted Trista and "suggested" that you and I and Medusa are responsible for the whole Martina's Martini thing.

And she accuses ME of "maligning" HER charater. pffft!

Who the hell pulls a stunt like that? And why?

I don't get WHY. She's pissed that you and I and Medusa disagreed with her and Jo?

Being pissed off doesn't explain it. This is beyond pissed off.

Where did Mayberry go? The Mayberry I knew from her funny posts in the FWK thread at LCF? Where is that funny, sharp, intelligent person I thought was a friend to me, to my board, and to the Ducks?

Ducks sometimes disagree -- sometimes they disagree bitterly, but they do NOT pull this kind of stunt.

I know I often overreact to stuff. Maybe I'm overreacting to this too. Maybe there isn't any real danger. But who would willingly -- and intentionally -- gamble on that? Especially somebody who claims to be a Duck, and who claims to pray and claims to care about "ethics". Why would they take even the slightest risk with a child's safety?

Prudentia said...

Yucky, you asked: "Where did Mayberry go? The Mayberry I knew from her funny posts in the FWK thread at LCF? Where is that funny, sharp, intelligent person I thought was a friend to me, to my board, and to the Ducks?"

I have to wonder if the person you thought you knew ever even existed.

Did she really believe we wouldn't find out? I'm quite certain she didnt' believe we would find out so fast - let alone before she even penned the words "First of all, I want to assure you..."

Yucky said...

You say, if the person I thought I knew ever even existed. That's sad to think about. Well, I know everybody is complicated and it's difficult to really know every aspect of everyone's personality. And I'm a lousy judge of character. So many times during the course of my life, people I assumed were decent ordinary people turned out to be quite the opposite, and people I didn't like ended up proving themselves as real friends. I'm sure other people can say the same thing about me!

On the internet it's even more difficult to figure people out. I'm certainly not a saint and have done probably more than my fair share of arguing with and annoying the heck out of people, and am prone to temper tantrums.

So maybe it's hypocritical of me but I just can't get past this matter of Mayberry doing something that might possibly put you and your children at risk in real life from a real, seriously, scary guy.

And for what? Because we disagreed with what she and Jo said.

You mention something in your blog entry about this whole mess, that got me to thinking about the matter of the people, the real people, who are in the lawsuit.

I never heard of Trista, to the best of my knowledge, until after her ex had appeared at LCF playing the weird mind games. My heart went out to her and her kids. What a living hell she must have endured. She seems to be a really cool person to have weathered such storms and still managed to have a sense of humor, grace, and strength.

You say in your blog entry, about Trista, "Can you imagine how that fear might have driven her into hiding - and right OUT of the lawsuit?"

And I got to thinking about, what about Becky and Christin? I've said some really hateful things about them. I meant those things at the time, and felt I was being honest and didn't really "get" the whole upset some people expressed whenever they were criticized or spoken about in less than glowing terms.

It never really hit home to me, in any real way, how that sort of attitude might affect them until I got to know Christin. And it took a lot of guts, and grace, for her to face it head on and deal in a real way with that attitude, and with the underlying basis for that attitude.

And she finally managed to get it through my thick head that she felt that the criticism meant that she was on her own -- that I and other people weren't supportive of her, and she felt scared and alone. That was a real shock to me. All the ranting and raving about the Untouchables, it just never occurred to me that they didn't know that at heart I and everybody else is on their side as they face the evil that is Kimmer.

I felt like absolute crap for every mean thing I ever said to and about Christin, and Amy also even though she's not in the lawsuit. And this current stunt of Mayberry's, what you say here about Trista and the lawsuit, even though I never knew Christin and never said anything bad about her or to her, what if what Mayberry told her made her feel like Christin felt?

I regret more than I know how to say, that any of these people ever think any of us aren't supportive of them, and holding them up in our thoughts and cheering for them.

Even when we're not friendly toward them and even when we've disagreed with something they've said. Even when we're bitchy or snarky or not as kind as we could be. We still are on their side. And we care and worry about them, because it's got to be a scary prospect facing what they're facing.

Time and time again, throughout my life, both offline and online, I've had to be basically whacked over the head to wake up and make a more determined effort to be more aware and conscious of other people's feelings. This mess with Mayberry and Jo reminded me of that again.

{{{Prudentia}}} You are a good, decent, dear person. Hang in there, be cool and be safe. Mayberry will have to face her karma just like we all will.

Kat said...

I just don't know what to say to all of this. It is all very discusting to me.

The in-fighting and all...It takes a strong person to stand up and fight for what is right and that is what the principals are doing. Think about how many people agree but just "don't want to get involved". But...they are after the same results. The downfall of the Kimpire.

There are many people in in the lawsuit even if they are not listed at this time as principals. They are people who are standing up and fighting for a cause. A cause to help many. These blogs are a big assest to getting the word out there of how dangerous the KK WOE really is and if that means C&P'ing info from KK or one persons blog to another, so be it. The bottome line is...get the info out there as much as possible.

I'd expect Heidi to contact family members, etc., but not a Duck. It is none of our business to do that. Hopefully, this battle will be over soon and maybe some people can get a life again, lol. You just can't please everyone.

Pru...I just love your writings and I personally know what the MM thing was all about and it served it's purpose at the time. I'm sorry you have been caught in the cross-fire.

Sorry for the book too.

Prudentia said...

Thank you, Kat. Other's are the ones caught in the cross-fire, I'm afraid. I seem to be standing in the dock.

My concern, really, if for the lawsuit. Playing on people's fears to advance your own agenda will surely backfire, as it has this time. I'm sad that Mayberry got caught up in her emotions and acted with reckless disregard. At least I hope that is the case, that this wasn't a calculated act.

Yucky said...

oops, re-reading I need to correct something I said in my most recent verbose comment -- "And this current stunt of Mayberry's, what you say here about Trista and the lawsuit, even though I never knew Christin and never said anything bad about her or to her, what if what Mayberry told her made her feel like Christin felt?"

That should read, "even though I never knew TRISTA and never said anything bad about her or to her..."


Yucky said...

{{Kat}} I totally forgot about your role in how that whole thing with Martina's Martini started!

You tried your best, and so did Prudentia, and nobody can fault either of you for that.

I thought we were dealing with Heidi directly, but you and Prudentia have a lot better instincts than I do.

My feeling,for what it's worth, is that you and Prudentia had the guts to try and take on what turned out to be a cruel, detestable prankster.

GUTS. And hard work. And for what? To try to figure out what was going on and who was behind the sick mind games.

For anybody now to come along -- what has it been, nearly five months now! -- for anybody to come along now and make these accusations is absolutely ridiculous.

bluesuede said...

Yucky said -- As John Wayne once said, Don't let the bastards get ya down.

In this case wouldn't he say "bitches?"

Hang in there Pru!

Yucky said...

lol Reb! You're right.

(I'm so dyslexic and Kimmerfied that every time I see word "bitches" anymore, I read it as "britches" and immediately think "eewwww!" because, ya know, Gary's jalapeno panties. aieee!)

Medusa said...

Prudentia, the courage and steadfastness you exhibited during the days of Martina's Martini is remarkable. To have to deal with someone who is one bubble off plumb AND dangerous is not easy but you did so, putting concerns about your own safety aside to help Trista.

And to now have Mayberry writing Trista and talking trash about your role in this matter is particularly galling.

Keep doing what you're doing, Pru. You have many, many fans out there.

mariasol said...

It's disturbing that Mayberry brings up MM at the same time he starts checking out the anti-kk blogs again. After not having been seen for more than 4 months. Coincidence?

Yucky said...

Mariasol says "It's disturbing that Mayberry brings up MM at the same time he starts checking out the anti-kk blogs again. After not having been seen for more than 4 months. Coincidence?"

Not just Martina's Martinette, but ol' Soggyshorts too.

Did Mayberry succeed in contacting them? If so, was it directly, or was it via channels -- Heidi? SL? Or somebody nobody would ever suspect?

Well, almost nobody.

If it happened, however it happened, it was for one purpose and one purpose only. Revenge. Against Prudentia, and how better to gather more information about Prudentia than to be now mining the blogs whose owners are known to be friendly to Prudentia.

That's fine. John Tiedt has been informed of the situation. Mayberryfart and the Kooks of Hazzard, you guys enjoy your little wargame.

Kat said...

Wow...mayberryfart and the kook's of hazzard? YY, I know your upset but name calling? this might be a bit much. everyone's emotions run high in the battle against Heidi and we probably all say some things at times we don't mean to. Not defending anyone here so don't read more into it than it is.

sheridan said...

Prudentia, you've been a class act all along. Keep up your good work!