Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Duck Invasion?

For those of you who have expressed your concern that the events of yesterday may cause me to stop blogging, I assure you, that won’t happen. Thank you for all of the encouragement and words of kindness, support and friendship.

Now, on with Duck Invasion?

Someone was sharing with me that there are a few souls at the new Camp Carbaway that are alarmed by the massive influx of Ducks into their presence. I certainly can’t speak for all the Ducks. I’m not the head Duck, the PR Duck, or even Duck Dutchess in waiting. But I do know many of the Ducks – including many of the Ducks now to be found at Camp.

Folks – we aren’t invading Camp. We’ve been there all along. We have read your posts. We may have even posted some ourselves. We have prayed for you in your illnesses and struggles. We have laughed with you when you tell jokes. AmyB used to beg me to come out at Camp. “Mrs. Leggs”, she would say, “come share this journey with me. We can talk about weight loss and families and all sorts of things.” And I always said no. I just didn’t believe it would be wise. I was concerned that it would make people feel uncomfortable or somehow betrayed. Then when someone else started demanding that people identify themselves, my little webbed feet anchored themselves into the silt at the bottom of the pond and I felt defiant. I hadn’t done anything to hurt any Camper. I hadn’t even blogged about Camp. Campers were never the enemy, though one was determined to continue to try to shoot us on site (pun intended). I also knew enough about that person to not believe her – she sounded like the old woman in the story of the Gingerbread House, enticing the children to come in.

When the forum change happened, AmyB asked me again if I would come over. I told her I would, but I want to be MomToEli now. Mrs. Leggs was being put into retirement. Just like you, many of us would like a place we can relax, talk about our weight loss journey, get support in that, and be free, even if only for a few minutes a day, of all the KK drama and investigation and lawsuit stuff. I hope you will take the time to get to know us. Overall, we really are a nice group of people – just like you.

This is an interesting week for me. I’m becoming a whole person again :)

Anyway, Campers, instead of an invasion, it is more like this ...


Mr. Gibson said...

Personally I like the invasion video better, but I am glad that everyone has realized that we are all in for the same goal, and that is a healthier lifestyle. I have only one question that I have been wondering about for a year now: Where did the term "Ducks" come from?


Kat said...

I loved the video's...I hope the people at camp realize that the duck invasion is not a threat to anyone. We are just looking for a safe place to land to share our weight loss experiences like many. I think more would have been there in the beginning if we didn't have to worry about being banned like the other place because the camp owner had learned so well from her previous employer.

Brian...Heidi banned someone for having a duck avi at her site because she was parinoid about it (and it was one of her own avi's) so someone decided to call us the "Ducks". This was before you time. People can correct me if I have this wrong. I hope you and Heather will give the Ducks a chance at your board. We are all after the same thing.

Barbara B said...

I'm glad you're at camp. For me, when things got just too drama-laden elsewhere, I could always come back to camp, where people were warm and accepting and supportive. I am very glad you will continue to blog.

Yucky said...

For pity's sake, people! If your site is invaded by the Ducks, count yourself blessed, as these are true blue friends who just want to get to a healthy weight!

mariasol said...

I'm sorry to hear this. Perhaps it's not so much that we are Ducks as it is to let unknown people into a close knit group. I will have to reconsider participating there. I certainly don't wish to make anybody uncomfortable. My intention for joining was really just to help as I know that it can be hard to keep a board alive with few members.

Heather said...

Kat -- Please know that ALL who choose to support others in their weight loss journey are welcome at the site. Brian and I are pretty oblivious to who all participates on other low carb sites, and we, frankly, don't care. As long as they are supportive, we'd love to have them.

Mariasol -- We have truly appreciated your participation at the site and hope that you do NOT take a step back. I have already gained great knowledge from what you have shared.

Unfortunately, many that have been members of Camp Carbaway since the beginning had been taught to be afraid of those labeled as "ducks". We are hoping that this attitude changes. If I understand this correctly, the term "duck" now belongs to anyone who supports bringing down Heidi Diaz. If I have that definition correct, then the only thing Brian and I would have to add is "quack!"

Yucky said...

Thank you Heather! Certain a refreshing change from "the old Camp."

Best wishes,