Monday, October 13, 2008

There is Change in the Wind

I am done with the Mayberryfan thing. Well, so long as she doesn't do any more of what she has been caught doing twice. But for now, I've said my peace. I've said what I think about the silence at LCF regarding her behavior. Thank you to the brave souls who had the courage to buck the masses over there and post openly. Don't misunderstand. I love most of the masses over there and would do just about anything for them. I just disagree with the concept that open challenges don't belong on that thread. In any event, I've been true to what I was called to do at the moment and I'm shifting my focus a bit.

The whole Heidi/Kimkins drama is ongoing, of course. But we could be here for years waiting for this to come to a resolution. Yes, I'll stay engaged in as much as I'll follow new trails where they lead. I'll dig and provide as John T requests. I'll keep my eyes wide open. I'm not abandoning the fight. I find myself, though, wishing that this blog were about more than just Heidi. I'm going to have to rewrite my bio. Make no mistake - I still am an ardent seeker of the truth. It is just a more basic Truth that I'm being drawn to seek and speak to.

I've really been thinking of the many people in this KK saga who are suffering. There are so many who have real illnesses. Many have real physical aliments. And many, many have emotional struggles related to eating and their weight. Are any of us really free from at least those emotional struggles?

I think about those moments when we feel all alone. Like no one in the world knows us, understands us, or even cares. We can all relate to that, but when we are in that moment we don't recognize that it is a common condition.

I'm in a Simon and Garfunkel sort of mood lately, so I'm going to treat you to another one of their songs. One that I hope is a sincere commitment to my friends in their times of darkness. I don't fancy myself as having any special powers to impart or anything like that. It is, though, one of my heart's desires to be consistently there for those who need me.

In my own mind's eye, I imagine Jesus Christ singing this song to me. He is, after all, the true Bridge Over Troubled Waters.


Yucky said...


Barbara B said...

This is a post I THOUGHT I made on Oct. 12.

This whole episode fairly shrieks with the idea of an old grudge. I don't know who is carrying that grudge. I don't know why the attack would involve Nancy, Jill, and yes, Yucky - and let me just say here that Yucky tackles her issues with folks OUT IN THE OPEN and apologizes when she is wrong. And even when she isn't. But this is the act of a coward. I really am interested in finding out the truth. Because if it is one of "us" - an anti-kk person, then that person should be booted off of every board, their comments removed from every blog, and their presence scorned.

Prudentia said...

BarbaraB, there is no way I'd censor this comment :) I think you are spot on.

Yucky said...

{{{BarbaraB}}} wow thank you!!!! You are so kind and I appreciate your speaking up for me and the others!