Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's That Pesky Lawsuit, I Tell You!

Some details from Heidi's bankruptcy filing. I see what sticks out to me, but what sticks out to you?

Heidi claims $11,666 a MONTH in income from KK, and $8915 a month in operating expenses (sorry, have to wipe off my computer screen), minus $1748 in living expenses, leaving her $1003 a month. Now, this is AFTER her taxes and insurance on her house, her food, her $25 a month clothing allowance, her utilities, everything. I think most folks would WISH for that sort of monthly excess, don’t you?

And she swears, once again, that this is accurate information. We’ll see.

Now, this is the fun stuff. Her business statements.

Monthly gross income: $11,666
Office supplies: 167.00
Legal, Accounting and other Professional Fees: $4,166 - Cottle made his money for the year, I see. That might include her CPA and bookkeeper (or whatever that other guy did) from January until September.

$4,582 in other? I can’t wait to see what that is, can you?

Here it is!
Web Hosting: $583.00
Advertising: $667.00
Clexus: $833.00
Tech Support Services: $750.00
Forum Support Services: $416.00
Refunds: $167.00
Google Adwords: $1,166.00

Someone asked specifically about her California taxes ... according to Becky's blog, in Part One of her deposition she said she sent them $100,000. She either underestimated it by $$154,832, or she lied about sending the $100,000, or she is lying on her bankruptcy filing. I wonder which one it will turn out to be ...

I would like to invite any experts in bankruptcy to comment on this matter.

There is much more in these documents. Stay tuned.


Kat said...

I think she over estimated her clothing allowance...can't ya get stretch pants for about $10 bucks? lol Man, I'd love to have that much money to myself each month! I'd hate to see her try to live off of what I live off of!

MrsMenopausal said...

Awww, what a hardship it must be to have to live off of a measly $11,666.00 a month especially since that money comes from an income funded by her lies and deception.

$4,582.00 for other? Other? LMAO! I'm sure the court is going to love that one, too. Perhaps the fees for running her newest diet site she didn't expect anyone to find out about. :D


Kimorexia said...

Did it say the $11,666 per month was from Kimkins? That'd be about 150 new members a month. That doesn't seem possible to me. The site is a ghost town and there's almost no traffic on the site.

Amy B said...

Tapping my foot. You know

MrsMenopausal said...

Just wondering ... If those taxes are for one year then how could she owe more in taxes than she's claiming to have made in a year? Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

so she has perjured herself either in the depo or in the bankruptcy filing.

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