Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Gifts?

This question is asked on the bankruptcy documents that Heidi filed:

Q: List all gifts or charitable contributions made within one year immediately preceding the commencement of this case except ordinary and usual gifts to family members aggregating less than $200 in value per individual family member and charitable contributions aggregating less than $100 per recipient.

A: None

You mean to tell me that on the heels of a year of making almost two MILLION dollars (that you reported) that you didn't buy your children gifts? During the year you made over $100,000 - in which you had NO house payment - you didn't buy gifts for your children? Your grandchild? You claim both Dennis and Brandon as dependents on your bankruptcy, but you didn't gift either one of them? No car? No bed? No clothes? Oh. Maybe you consider all those things just like maintenance. You know, expenses. But you didn't list those things as expenses. I mean, $25 a month for clothing won't clothe 3 adults. If you DID ever buy Brandon a bed (I would certainly hope you did) it couldn't have been much of one, as your entire household goods is only valued at $1500 (are you sure you didn't leave at least one zero off that number?). Short of buying a used mattress (you can't sell used mattresses around here) you surely spent more than $200 on a bed. Maybe you just bought him an air mattress. Maybe you didn't include it in your household goods because it is, after all, HIS bed. Oh, but then you would have gifted it to him, wouldn't you?

I'm not buying it. And I bet the court won't, either.


MrsMenopausal said...

She made all that money and not even one gift to charity? Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't she originally claim on her site that all profits were going to foster children?

Slick said...

Last time I bought just a mattress it was almost $1000... just for the matress and box spring...forget the frame and furniture.

Sounds like someone is confused how to do math...

BamaGal said...

let's not forget the family trust she opened plus Dennis' plumbing business

Amy B said...

What I am wondering is ...what about all those big computer screens and flat screen TV's I heard so much about ?