Friday, March 7, 2008

What Happened To Honor Anyway?


Maybe I’m just getting old. Growing up there was a great emphasis in our home put on truthfulness and trustworthiness. My Dad used to always tell us that so long as we lived with integrity, they can take everything away from you, but you will still have your honor. That just doesn't seem to matter to more and more people these days. Do YOU sleep better at night knowing that one who is sworn (and paid, I might add) to keep us safe doesn’t think twice about lying when it serves his purpose? When those who are supposed to protect us lose that foundational base, what do we have left?

Kat said:
I think John's approach just hurts the memory of our brave men fighting for us. Past and present. He could have gone about it in a different way but obviously, the seems to be a mental issue on his part too. Sad, just sad. And to be fighting with the enemy...what does that tell ya?

Heidi, try as you might...there is nothing you can find or do to stop the lawsuit so I guess as'll have to make up lies to CYA.
March 4, 2008 10:45 AM

I disagreed with Kat at the time she wrote those words, and said so publicly. So now, publicly, I would like to apologize to you, Kat. I believe you are right.

This whole ordeal surrounding John Essex has been confusing and at times emotionally draining. He is indeed John Essex, ex-husband of Trista Essex. I managed to get that part right. I can tell you, though, that as with everything else mixed up with the Kimkins scan, all is not as it seems.

In the past few days I have had the opportunity to review many of the statements made to me by this person. Several of those statements simply don’t stand up under scrutiny. Some facts have been blatantly embellished, and some have been completely fabricated. I have learned a lot more than I ever intended or desired to learn about him. I am absolutely amazed at the lengths some people will go to cast themselves in a favorable light.

Some of those facts involve the conditions of military service. Yes, John Essex served in the American Armed Forces, having enlisted around the age of 18. Lots of other claims he made in regards to that service have come into question. Many of those questions will be brought to light in the coming hours and days. When someone misrepresents their service to our country, it has the potential to cast a long shadow over all men and women who proudly wear the uniform.

For now, though, I want to apologize to Kat. Sometimes, in my desire to see the best in people, I slip on my rose colored glasses, drink a cup of gullibility, and forge ahead. The end result of that is usually that I come across looking foolish and feeling sheepish. As I do this time.


Kat said...

apology accepted...when we want to see the good in all it is hard to sometimes see the bad...

Anonymous said...

What Happened to Honor Anyway?

No, Prudentia. It's about common sense, not honor.

The fact that you and I both fell for Kimmer's lies, means that we're short on common sense. We'd like to think we're omniscient and have special insight that others don't. Sadly, that's not true. By being in the FWK debacle, we've proven it.

Please realize that you're not on this earth to fix everything. Heidi lies, soldiers lie, politicians lie. You can't fix that. Back in the 1950's maybe it wasn't that way. But it is now. What I have learned from three separate people and thousands of dollars in lost money during these past two years, is that I always have to factor in--the person I'm listening to might be lying. I hate that. But I've come realize that I am so gullible, I have to be very very careful when a person tells me something I can't personally verify.

Please don't make it your life's mission to fix John Essex or to restore honor to the U.S. military. As long as John has only deceived you and but has stayed inside the boundaries of the law, you are only hurting yourself by pursuing this. The U.S. military can take care of itself. It survived Benedict Arnold. It can survive John Essex, too.

And please remember, if Martina's Martini continues to divert the ducks' attention from taking down Kimmer and her deadly diet, John Essex and Kimmer will have won a victory in this battle.

Anonymous said...

Someone once said: Optimists look for the good in people and sometimes are disappointed. Cynics look for the bad in people and are never disappointed. I guess I prefer as friends those who occasionally are disappointed.

Prudentia said...

Not about honor, eh? It is me lacking common sense? So, deception has become the responsiblity of the listener and not the liar?

So, for all these years I've had it wrong?

Not sure where you got the idea I think I AM here to "fix everything", let alone John Essex. But rest assured, I have no intention of trying.

Oh, the lengthy discussion I could engage in over this topic is so tempting, but I simply don't have the time right now. I'm sorry you have personally suffered such deep losses.

Prudentia said...

I guess, too, I need to make this perfectly clear. I never bought into Heidi Diaz's lies. I never followed Kimmer or Kimkins, either on LCF or her own website. I am not a party to the lawsuit because I am not qualifed to join. I am simply a person who believes we all have a civic responsibility to stand up in the face of people like her.

Yust Yucky said...

You certainly didn't, and don't, look foolish. You have a good heart and a clear conscience -- you're not cynical. And so you believed that you were dealing with a good person, a person of honor. You did the best you could with the information you had -- in an unprecedented situation, in the face of opposition and you handled the whole thing with a lot more grace, dignity, and honor than we certainly did, and than the person you were dealing with and trying to help.

Yust Yucky said...

Anonymous says "The fact that you and I both fell for Kimmer's lies, means that we're short on common sense."

Bull. Common0 sense includes having integrity and being an honest person and believing the best in people. And trying to help. That makes sense in this world even when not much else does. And that's what Prudentia did -- she tried to help.

It IS about honor. Maybe not to you.

Anonymous says, "And please remember, if Martina's Martini continues to divert the ducks' attention from taking down Kimmer and her deadly diet, John Essex and Kimmer will have won a victory in this battle."

What exactly is it you think the Ducks are supposed to be doing "to take down Kimmer and her deadly diet" that that aren't already doing, and HAVE been doing, for months and months now? They've done and are doing everything possible. Being "diverted" by finding out that Kimmer is intimidating at least one witness in the lawsuit, just exactly how does that let Kimmer "win"? Quite the opposite, in fact -- more nails in the legal coffin, that's what the Martina's Martini "diversion" has turned out to be.

Anonymous said...

Yucky said, "What exactly is it you think the Ducks are supposed to be doing "to take down Kimmer and her deadly diet" that that aren't already doing..."

Here's a thought. Martina's Martini reminds me of a previous 5 o'clock Charlie, the fictitious MCD son-in-law, Hulon Pate. Are there ducks who could compare and contrast the two writing styles and see if we could find some common elements?

v0xhumana said...

Nah. I think the shame falls upon those who continue to scam and take advantage of innocent people and feel absolutely no shame or guilt in doing so. That, in my book, is a crime. Those that HAVE been scammed have a moral obligation to put a STOP to the scammer before they hurt (or kill) someone else.

How does that old adage go?

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.