Thursday, October 9, 2008

Same Song, Second Verse, A Little Bit Louder and A Little Bit Worse

What a fun camp song that is ... Same song, second verse ... a little bit louder and a little bit worse. Not so fun in this instance, though.

Remember this post? I truly thought that Mayberryfan had learned and grown from that experience. I thought wrong.

I would like to challenge this statement you made, Mayberryfan, on the Fascination with Kimmer thread at Low Carb Friends:
"I decided to poke a little fun at my blog because this fiasco reminds me of someone we all know. However, I didn't accuse anyone."

First of all, I hardly call your blog post "poking a little fun". I'm really sure that the comment you posted to that same post - you know, the one addressed to Ellen - was not meant as fun at all. You know the one where she said she didn't understand the double talk and innuendo. To refresh your memory, here is your reply in its entirety: "I suspect you're well aware of what's going on, "ellen". In any case, we can agree on one thing - this is worse than high school.

May I suggest you get your head out of your locker, then and keep up?"

I take it you didn't believe her name is Ellen. That wasn't just poking a little fun, was it.

Before I cover this next point, I'd like to address Jo. Jo, I hear you are unhappy with having your name attached to any of this. I will say in going back and reading the sequence of the posts on the FWK thread that you were the first to respond to Jill with a comment assuring her "we" knew it wasn't her. For the record, the only reason I mentioned you at all was that you were, in fact, the first person to reassure Jill that "we" knew she hadn't done it. I also allowed my past experiences to color my judgment. In fairness to you, there is no reason for me or anyone else to draw the conclusion that you were speaking for anyone other than yourself, nor attribute any more or any less meaning to that statement than can be attributed to most of those who penned similar sentiments. I sincerely apologize for making an inference that has no basis in fact.

I do, however, want to address the complaint that has been passed on to me that you resent being associated with trouble, particularly trouble that involves YustYucky. There are reasons for that, and one of those reasons is as Mayberryfan stated: guilt by association. It is true that we are known by the company we keep. I could say more about this, but I will only say that Jo, from this preachy blogger's point of view, if you don't want to be associated with attempting to stir up trouble, refrain from making disparaging remarks about people to others. The Internet walls have ears and those remarks have a way of coming full circle.

Speaking of making disparaging remarks, back to Mayberryfan. The second part of your statement, "However, I didn't accuse anyone." deserves a closer look. I guess the best way I can say this is you are, my dear, a liar.

Did you or did you not say the words, "When I first saw the controversy, I knew Yucky had done this and so did the other LCF'ers who gather at my forum. NO DOUBT. " (See that guilt by association thing, Jo?)

Like I said - same song, second verse. A little bit louder and a little bit worse.

Do I think you were the original anonymous poster on Nancy's blog? Don't know. Do I believe you were the anonymous poster who claimed to be a "paid sleuth"? Don't know that either - but whoever that is would be working for Heidi. She's the only one hiring. At the very least you have made a very concerted effort to arouse the passions of the anti-KK community against Yucky. After what you tried to pull with Trista, and after finding you doing the very same thing in this instance, I would not be the least bit surprised to discover that you have orchestrated this entire charade. What I am surprised about is how deft you are at pulling this bs behind the scenes while loudly declaring your innocence out for all to hear.

Let's hope there isn't Same song, third verse ...


Yucky said...

{{Prudentia}} Bless you for speaking out about this.

As far as anybody arousing anti-Yucky sentiment, pfffft! I have proven time and time again I can do that all by myself, without anybody else's help :D

I see what you mean about Jo's comment at LCF -- I read it the same way you did, and automatically assumed that she (like Mayberry) was saying she has proof as to the identity of the person who left the original comments at NancyElle's blog.

As to how Mayberry or anybody else "knows" I am the person who left those comments at NancyElle's blog -- I know damned well I am NOT the person, and the only coment I've left at NancyElle's blog was consoling/supportive.

My IP addresses are known and documented, and they all originate from Arkansas or Louisiana, and always have except when Hubby and I are traveling, and that happens at most once or twice a year, maximum.

So anyway, regarding Mayberry or anybody else saying they "know" I'm responsible for this bizarre stunt -- as I posted at Fascinated just a bit ago -- my prediction is that they're going to do exacty what their little buddy Morgan did when I demanded proof of what she was saying -- they're going to insist they have proof but refuse to show that proof and then they'll stomp out, hmmmphing and pouting.

Regardless of the situation, regardless of the people involved, I don't care if it's politics or whatever, or whether it's offline or online -- if people say they have proof, but they refuse to produce that proof, then that proof does not exist. Period.

They will come up with all sorts of excuses for not producing it, but the bottom line is, if they actually had proof, they would find a way to produce it.

Now I'd like to address the statement Mayberry made to a certain person. Just because I'm a moody psychobitch dramaqueen does NOT mean I'm mentally unstable :LOL

Yeah I'm immature and emotional -- often overly so.

I tend to hold grudges, demand closure, and way too many times simply will not "let it go" when I know I'm right and that people are lying. That isn't insanity -- it's not exactly sanity but it sure as hell isnt INsanity, and I resent the implication that it is.

But wait! There's more! :D

And this is addressed to Jo -- Jo, in one of your posts at LCF you referred to me as "an elderly grandmother" and you obviously intended that to be an insult.

Well hey, I'm not real thrilled at being "elderly" -- if the age of 53 can be considered elderly! -- but I certainly don't consider being called a "grandmother" to be anything except a source of deep joy and pride in my heart and in m life.

My career as "an elderly grandmother" began almost two years ago, on a December day that I will never, ever forget because it is a treasure to me, and also to our whole family -- the day my dear daughter and her husband brought forth into this world a precious baby girl, who is as bright, beautiful, sweet, loving and lovable, happy and sunny, unfailingly pleasant and hilariously funny as her Mom and Dad and Pop.

How sad for YOU, Jo, that you would think that the phrase "elderly grandmother" is some sort of insult.

And you're upset at being suspected of cahooting with Mayberry? You've chosen to cast your lot with her, and you allow her to speak for you in her "bulletins" at LCF ("I'll pass this along to Jo," "Jo is doing this or that," etc.) So the fact that some people including myself assume you guys come as a matched set is a consequence of your own choosing.

It's very sad because when I first met you guys, I thought you were both really funny and sharp and it was cool to watch you two in action as a team. Because in so many ways you were a team, and you still are.

If it turns out that you and Mayberry had no part in the thing at Nancy's blog, I most definitely will apologize to you both, with my whole heart. For Mayberry to say I never apologize is blatantly ridiculous -- anybody who knows me knows how often I've apologized to various people for various things, and I am as wholehearted in my remorse as I am in my ranting.

You don't have to believe me -- nobody does. Everything I've ever said and done is out here on the net, or else has been copied/pasted/archived somewhere, in files or old emails, pm's, whatever. I've said it before, and I'l say it again ('cause hey, ya know, I'm all about repetitive repetitiveness :D ) the Truth will out. And so will Karma.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program....

Dear fellow antiKKers, I am writing to ask you to please contact Jimmy Moore and insist that he and Charles post and abide by the following disclaimer:

"The zero carb diet has not been proven safe for babies, therefore we cannot and will not endorse it for expectant or nursing Moms. Please consult a licensed medical professional for all questions regarding prenatal and neonatal nutrition."

mariasol said...

Yucky - Interesting with the "elderly grandmother" comment. It reminded me of when the site went crazy and linked to you, Medusa and me. They called you "old lady yucky". Your writing must reveal you as wise well beyond your years.

Yucky said...

Only if by "wise" you mean "foolish"! :rotfl

Medusa said...

Apparently "Mayberryfan" means never having to say you're sorry.

The deafening silence from other anti-KKers respecting Mayberry's outrageous actions is mind-boggling. I'm shocked no one on LCF has challenged her on her lies.

Prudentia, thank you for your post. Hopefully those who don't want to make waves by calling her on her treachery will give her a wide berth. MBF loves attention and drama. Being ignored would hopefully silence her.